“Compassion: A Fable” (a thread) Once upon a time, babies, some liberal grownups made an heroic effort to save a small child who had Polio. Without healing therapy the little boy’s family could never afford on their own, the little boy might not even have survived 1/x
long enough to grow up.

Those liberals were determined though. They wanted to save the little boy from a disease that should never torment an innocent little child. Who knew? Maybe that little boy would do something great with the life he was given 2/x
by those well-meaning liberals.

So those liberals set up a program and other little children gathered dimes to help all the little children with polio. They marched . . . for dimes. That became the March of Dimes. 3/x
Some little children even got to go to Warm Springs, Georgia for therapy, the same place where the great Franklin Delano Roosevelt went to try to make his polio symptoms better.
A little boy, the one I mentioned at the beginning of this story, got to go to Warm Springs. The staff there were loving and kind and treated the little boy with tenderness and compassion. 5/x
Thanks to those liberals, that little boy born in Alabama got to walk. Thanks to those generous, kind-hearted liberals, that little boy grew up.

. . . and when that little boy grew up, 6/x
he dedicated the rest of his life to making sure that other children would never have it as good as he did. When he grew up, that little boy embraced racists and bigots and every other form of rotten humanity America had to offer . . . as long as they could give him money. 7/x
Most of all, when he grew up, the little boy despised liberals like the ones who had saved his life and made sure he could walk. He wanted to hurt them. He wanted to make sure liberals could never have as much power as they did back when they were trying to save children 8/x
like him from diseases like Polio.

And he succeeded. And he had no scruples. And he became obscenely rich. 9/x
That little boy was Addison “Mitch” McConnell and he is about to bury a dagger in the weak, gasping, wheezing heart of America. -30-
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