This thread is about my friend Sally Albright

We met as Young Democrats and had a mutual friend named Desi Deschaine. Who was our best friend for years before his passing. He introduced us.

We all worked for various campaigns and elected officials-
And although Sally was more Desi’s friend- anytime I called her to chat she was always warm

One time I had an assignment in New Hampshire w/o getting housing. She offered me her place to stay, offered to pick me up and was so cool

I got sent to Keane instead- but remember that
I had a private and locked twitter account.

I came here to follow people I was fans of and complain when I had bad customer service.

But Sally would tag me for the obscure political trivia /data that I was known for in our circles. And then she couldn’t use the tweets
Sally does NOT have a bot army

She has drinking buddies from decades in politics

When she doesn’t know something in a political conversation she tags that person. If you are talking MO politics - here us her friend staffer for a state rep.

And their accounts shows that
I guess you can create alternative accounts

But you cannot create alternate backstories for each person - and very defined expertise

That is something the Russians have not manage to do.

She then has Zooms where you can meet ppl. She had in person happy hours
The idea of bots and sock puppet armies is silly to me. Because it is:

1. Evident we don’t always agree with Sally

2. She isn’t making a dime on this

3. Each accounts is pretty independent
There are not a lot of operative that will show you what they are thinking like Sally does

Foremost there are not many people who go into and stay in the business. It is really hard life - especially if you don’t have a Swiss Account.

Sally is still an operative. I am not
She shares this life w/her twitter followers- without varnish

And it is the view from the perspective of a political operative

The most unfollows I get is to say anything abt Elizebeth Warren. Warren supporters celebrated Sally suspension. Here is Warren its really talked abt
MSNBC and CNN political host present the world one way.

EW is someone who draws good viewership

But in focus groups, Republicans and Democratic operative - they matter of factly know she is too third rail for most Americans
Sally brings you into the conversation we have.

Things I have said to candidates in debrief meeting would have me cancelled forever.
Sally telling you your candidate isn’t viable- is not offensive.

If you take it personally offensive you are not meant for politics

Bernie went on to get less than 25% of the primary vote.

The person who told you that would be the situation isn’t the problem
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