1. The tyrannical Democrat Party and its media propagandists.
The Senate Democrats want to eliminate the filibuster rule to ram through whatever laws they like; the House Democrats instituted proxy voting where one member can cast the votes of multiple members
2. the Democrats trampled all over past impeachment practices to try to unconstitutionally remove the president; the Obama-Biden administration used the FBI and Intel agencies against candidate and then President Trump; the Democrats want to get rid of the electoral college
3. the Democrats want to add four Democrat senators via DC and Puerto Rico; the Democrats are using mass mail-in voting to create chaos on election night and talk about a violent insurrection against the president
4. the Senate Democrats were the first to widely use the filibuster against judicial nominees when they were in the minority but then ended the rule (in part) when they became the Senate majority
5. for months the Democrats trashed law enforcement during riots in which they refused to denounce the violence; the Democrats talk about packing the Supreme Court with radical ideologies
6.the Democrats have denounced the framers of the Constitution as a bunch of slaveholders as the basis for rejecting the Constitution when it’s inconvenient toward their unconstitutional ends; the Dems agreed to a 110page radical manifesto that would destroy America as we know it
7. the Democrats appoint judges who thwart elected representatives and the will of the people; etc.
8. Yet today the Democrats and their media propagandists lie (they do that often) about some non-existent tradition or practice preventing the president from nominating a candidate to the Supreme Court during an election or the latter part of his first term.
9. Of course, the tradition and practice are indisputably the opposite.  The Democrats want power at any price.  Wherever possible it must be denied them.
10. The president should proceed quickly with the nomination of a proven constitutionalist and Senate Republicans should proceed quickly with his or her confirmation.
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