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TX10 @SiegelforTexas
NY2 @VoteJackie4NY
MI3 @HillaryScholten
PA10 @DePasqualePA
NE2 @KaraForCongress
TX22 @SriPKulkarni
PA1 @FinelloForPA
CA25 @ChristyForCA25
TX24 @CandaceFor24
IL13 @BetsyforIL
GA7 @Carolyn4GA7

Adopt ONE
I have launched an election game on TW. Adopt-A-Candidate. Obviously support Joe! And we need the Senate, so support those campaigns! And your local candidates.

But beyond that? Let's pick a new face of DEMs of the future, and support her or him, FROM BEFORE they went to DC !!!
I have collected for you my Excellent Eleven, the T Dawg Caucus. These DEMs each attempt to take over a seat in Congress currently held by a Repulsican. Each of these 11 is a race currently rated 'toss-up' - which means we WILL win some of these, hopefully most of these!
Very simple rules of Adoption. You may only adopt one. I hope you support several and of course follow all 11. But adopt only one.

And it may not be from your home state. The object here, is to discover someone new you would not normally be exposed to. We use TW to expand DEMs
When you adopt, you let me know which of these 11 you have adopted, and give me some reason - one sentence is enough - why you like that candidate.

I will share to my Tweeps your adoption news, & we will cheer YOUR gal or guy, through November election eve & beyond

Here my 11:
Adopt A Candidate

MI 3 Hillary Scholten

Michigan's 03 is in Western MI, Grand Rapids. This is an open seat, incumbent retiring. Our candidate is Hillary Scholten a former Obama DOJ attorney! Pls follow @HillaryScholten
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NY 2 Jackie Gordon

This is NY 2 Long Island. The incumbent is retiring. Our lady is a US Army combat veteran, Jackie Gordon, a Queens native. Pls follow Jackie @VoteJackie4NY
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TX 10 Mike Siegel

Texas's 10th district is rural area between Houston & Austin. Incumbent is Michael McCaul (R). Our guy is Mike Siegel, a teacher and civil rights lawyer! Pls follow Mike @SiegelforTexas
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GA 7 Carolyn Bourdeaux

Georgia 7 is NorthEast suburbs of Atlanta and our Carolyn Bourdeaux is a professor and wife, to unseat Rich McCormick (R). Follow her @Carolyn4GA7
Adopt a Candidate:

IL-13 Betsy Londrigan

This is Rodney Davis (R) seat in South Illinois. Our candidate is Betsy Londrigan (D) RT @BetsyforIL a teacher with interests esp in children's health. Pls follow Betsy
Adopt A Candidate:

TX 24 Candace Valenzuela

TX-24 is Dallas-Ft Worth area, incumbent R is retiring. It is an open race and our candidate is Candace Valenzuela. She had me at 'teacher'. PLS follow & support Candace RT @CandaceFor24
Adopt A Candidate

CA 25 Christy Smith

Christy Smith (D) is our challenger in CA-25 (North LA) to toss out Mike Garcia (R). Christy has spent a lifetime helping schoolkids get connected to the internet. Pls follow, and pls support Christy @ChristyForCA25
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PA 1 Christina Finello

PA-1 race is Philadelphia Brian Fitzpatrick (R) seat. Lets get Christina Finello (D) to take it? She's an attorney, we may need more of those in Congress in 2021 haha

Pls follow our RT @FinelloForPA
Adopt A Candidate

TX 22 Sri Kulkarni

TX 22 (West of Houston) - is an open seat with the incumbent retiring. Our man is Sri Preston Kulkarni, a Harvard grad and Foreign Service veteran. We want this seat. Pls support Sri and follow @SriPKulkarni
Adopt A Candidate

NE 2 Kara Eastman

This is Nebraska 02 district, incumbent is Don Bacon (R) a regular Maganutter. Our lady is Kara Eastman, a social worker and entrepreneur. Lets follow & support Kara RT @KaraForCongress
Adopt A Candidate

PA 10 Eugene DePasquale

Penna 10 is around Harrisburg. Incumbent is Scott Perry (R). Our guy is Eugene DePasquale, football & baseball coach, accountant.. and a bookworm! Pls follow & support our Eugene @DePasqualePA
You can follow @tomiahonen.
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