The next 3 weeks are going to be extremely tough for many small businesses barely hanging on in Dublin City Centre. But as challenging our collective health and safety is what's really important 😷
2/4 If you are in town this weekend, our beautiful - and safe - outdoor terrace on South Anne Street is open all weekend long. All other #coffeeangel shops will continue to open from Monday-Friday for delicious coffee to go along with seating available outside ⛱
3/4 Remember our online shop also still remains very much open if you do now find yourself back #workingfromhome. If you are in Dublin City and order before 0930 daily, we'll have it to you the same business day. All orders outside the City will be dispatched by next-day courier.
4/4 Please, please, please #staysafe #staystrong #staypositive & #supportlocal businesses where and when you can 👊
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