A few colleagues were upset when I told them I was leaving academia (for now). They meant that I had wasted my time getting a PhD. I've thought about this a lot. So here are a few things that I've gathered since. (1/8)
Working in academia IS NOT the only way one can contribute. Academia is a part of society and cannot exist in a bubble, especially not when it concerns sustainability science. (2/8)
Doing a PhD in STEM is about more than microscopy and pipettes. Critical thinking, understanding of the scientific process, public speaking and communication are all great skills in a lot of areas. Don't underestimate your value outside academia. (3/8)
If I dont go back to academia I will have all that knowledge with me. If I return I hope to bring some of the amazing things im learning now back with me. Such as: (4/8)
Just how powerful it can be to gather different expertise around a common vision and goal and working as a team (trans and interdisciplinarity ftw!). (5/8)
Meeting strategy (!!!). Having an agenda and sticking to it. Ending meetings with action points for a clear route forward. Strategies to avoid that meetings turn into places were people try to advertise themselves or outmaneuver eachother. (6/8)
How truly essential it is to have an environmental justice and equity approach throughout any and all work related to sustainability. (7/8)
I might return to academia or I might not. All I know is that I will continue to work with sustainability. Because maybe the most important thing I learnt during my PhD, is that we really don't have a choice (8/8)
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