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In a small kingdom, the existence of Omegas has always been thought of as sacred. But the belief of a male Omega was seen as a curse and curses were to be rid of. Such is the fate of Midoriya Izuku.

The green-haired male was always seen as a nuisance in his household.
The Midoriya family held quite the power in the kingdom as they served as the advisors to the Emperor. The eldest son, Izuku, was hidden from the public because he had proved to be useless in all aspects of nobility.
He not only has a stuttering problem; his blemished face and doe-eyes were seen as a sign of plainness and unwanted. He still lived with the family but was constantly abused and shamed, barely offered a meal. Even the servants continuously bashed him for being pathetic.
The final straw was when he presented. The signs were clear given his petite body and curves, his sweet honey and pine scent, or his soft skin, but no one wanted to accept that the boy was an Omega.
At the age of 14, his first heat had come and he was dragged outside of the house by one of the servants. They took him to the far outskirts of the kingdom and up to a tower that was hidden with the dense forest.
The tower was barely standing and damaged because no one had lived there for a long time, at least, not until now. Covered in nothing but creeper and had barely any furniture inside, the tower still stood near the neighboring kingdom, a stubborn piece of work that would become-
The home of a very stubborn Omega.

Izuku spent his first heat suffering without a nest nor someone to satisfy his needs. The family believed he was better off dying unnoticed. But they were wrong. Izuku did not die, in fact, they never bothered getting to know him well enough.
Izuku knew his fate would not be a happy one. He knew he would most likely get kicked out of the house to fend for himself which is why he took to training himself for the worst.

Every day, he would go out of the house to practice hunting with a flimsy bow and arrow he had-
Learned to make through books. He also took to learning about the various plants around the area, something nobles never did but he believed they should. He wandered the outskirts of the kingdom and had already discovered the tower and suspected that it would be the place he-
will have to reside in. For several months, before he presented, Izuku brought spare clothes he would get his hands on, blankets, books, and papers that would help him survive. His family never bothered to speak to him so they never knew that he was actually a hidden genius with-
the ability to predict.

When the servant dropped him off in front of the tower and left, the newly-presented Omega was almost at his limit. Thankfully, he made it inside before the heat took over.

Six years after he was abandoned, Izuku had made the tower and surroundings-
His home. He never had another human interaction and continued living off on his own. The mountain provided all sorts of fruits and vegetation that he was set for life. The nearby river that streamed down to the kingdom allowed him to survive rough heats alone.
He gained a lot of knowledge about different plants and methods to create weapons when running out of supplies. He learned how to use other material for his writing when he ran out of papers. He also made friends with some of the wildlife like a small lizard that breathes small-
flames for him. Truly, he was far happier out in the wilderness than in the home of nobles.

The winters tend to be rough for the small Omega. Not only did his heat begin around the coldest time, but food tends to be the hardest to find. On a particularly cold day, when a storm-
was about to hit, he had found enough food to satisfy him for weeks when he found a male elk running around. With precision and stealth, the green-haired man had shot one arrow straight to the heart and killed it. It was the perfect kill to help him last.

As he was heading back
with his hunt, struggling against the large gusts of wind and snow hitting his face, he noticed a trail of blood heading to the direction of his home. Subconsciously, he growled at the thought of someone invading his home and quickly trudged his way to his tower while dragging-
he carcass. He had gained enough muscle in his time on the mountain to carry large animals twice his size.

Once he neared his abode, he saw a large lump leaning near the door to his place. The figure was covered in a red cape with tufts of what seems to be blonde hair popping-
out. Izuku inspects the being and confirms that they are still breathing before putting away his catch inside and hurriedly attempts to help the stranger in his home. The warmth from the flames of the lanterns fills the Omega with relief as he struggles to carry the much larger-
being through the door. He plops the body on his makeshift couch before catching his breath and shutting the door.

After recovering from the cold and putting away some of the clothes he had used to keep himself warm, he decided to inspect the build sprawled in the middle of-
his living area. His friend lizard had awoken to help out in keeping the stranger warm with his flames until Izuku came back with some of his blankets and medical aid he had made. He unraveled the makeshift scarf of the stranger to reveal a handsome blonde with a reddened face-
from the cold. A scarred hand reaches over to touch only to immediately pull away at the sheer iciness of person. Slowly, the Omega took off some of the extra clothing that the man had so that he could swap them with warmer ones.
As he removed a piece of clothing, he noticed the man wearing some armor with a familiar insignia. Izuku tries to remember where he saw the symbol until he remembers that it represents the neighboring kingdom’s; a flaming red dragon with gold embroidery—a sign of loyalty and-

When Izuku was still with his family, he had overheard talk of negotiations to partner up with the large kingdom just over the mountain but he had left just before the decision was made. From the looks of it, Izuku’s kingdom had made peace with the other.
Though, it didn’t matter to the Omega as he was no longer part of such a life. Still, he looked through the man’s body with less clothing and assessed his wounds. It seems he was hit on his shoulder with something and was bleeding but Izuku had enough medication and cleaned the-
wound. He, then, wrapped the larger man with some of the blankets that he had washed and was planning to put in his nest but decided to let it slide for the injured man.

Once he was done and settled, he continued to stare at the other person.
For the first time ever, he with another person that was neither a servant or his family. Izuku stares at the man for longer, taking a few whiffs to tell his secondary gender—an Alpha. His Omega screams as he takes in more of the spicy smell of cinnamon and caramel.
He snaps out of it when he heard himself purring, shaking away the invading thoughts of possibly finding his mate. Izuku knew, he was not an Omega most look for, he is a curse. With that, he decides to let the man rest in his living area as he heads up with his lizard friend to-
sleep in his own nest.


The next morning the Omega is woken up by a sudden clanging. He jumps and falls off his nest with a yelp. Now at full instincts of a stranger in his home, he quickly recovers and takes out the wooden stake that he made for reasons such as this.
Slowly, he headed downstairs where the noise continued. Guttural growls can be heard from the stranger and Izuku remembers that he picked up an injured stranger and tended to him, last night. Judging by the injury and hypothermia, he shouldn’t be up by now.
He quietly goes down the stairs, careful of the ones that make noise as he observes the large Alpha roaming about. He hears some curses and growls as he throws things around and seems to be looking for something. Curious as to what the peculiar handsome man is doing, Izuku gets-
a little closer. Unfortunately, in doing so, he attracted the attention of said Alpha. His anxious scent spread throughout the room and the Alpha stopped his ministrations to turn to the source.

Emerald eyes widen as he stares at burning crimson ones.
The two men stare at each other for what feels like minutes, taking in each other’s form before a clear croon comes from the blonde and with it a sweet calming scent. Izuku relaxes as his shoulders slump and his anxiety disappears. The Alpha approaches the small
Omega who slumped on the stairs just before reaching the bottom. The green-haired man felt the intense red eyes scanning his entire frame as he tilts his head in submission. Before he realized it, the larger man had reached out his enormous hands and began petting the fluffy-
green curls. Surprised, the smaller glances up to see a gorgeous smile pasted on the blonde. His face heats up at the thought of someone else petting him, he’s never felt something like this before. He leans into the feeling, closing his eyes shut.
“Omega...” a raspy voice breaks his thoughts, sending shivers down his spine. He opens his eyes and matches the voice to the Alpha that has gotten closer to his face, making Izuku blush even more. As Izuku started to look away to hide his embarrassment,
the other male used his other hand to turn his face towards him. Memories of being made fun of for his freckles resurface and he begins to panic until he heard a word he never heard before, “...Beautiful.”
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Izuku’s world stopped. The words echo through his head. Not once has anyone ever called him that, he was always judged for being pathetic and hit when he held his head high. His face and ears burn and turn a beautiful shade of red. The Alpha continues to rub his thumb over the-
Freckles that are now becoming more defined as the red hue increases. His stare makes the Omega squirm, looking anywhere but the larger man. The blonde didn’t seem to mind, content with looking at the adorable reactions of this person. The green-haired man decided-
To continue leaning into the touch, years of neglection catching up to him as he holds back tears. For the first time, he is meeting someone that looks at him with adoration rather than disgust and it makes his heart stutter; a foreign feeling.

What felt like hours of silence-
Was finally broken when the much larger man let go of the smaller man’s face and opened his mouth to speak. “My name is Bakugou Katsuki of the neighboring kingdom, what’s yours, beautiful?” His wine-red eyes reflected a softness that seemed abnormal for him to have.
Izuku repeats the question in his head, remembering the slightly grating voice before he gulps and opens his mouth to respond. “U-U-Um...” he squeaks before beginning to tremble. The memories of his past resurface, the ghostly feeling of being hit as a child for speaking back,
The disgust of the people’s faces. Even the blonde’s face morphs to that of disgust in his head.
‘/A disgrace like you should never speak/’

‘/Disgusting voice/’

‘/You shouldn’t even breath the same air/’
The Omega grabs his right arm that is scarred from the abuse and hides it from the stranger before backing up. He tells himself to not cry in front of the blonde, repeating it in his head like a prayer. Once he feels he is far enough from the larger body, he runs up to his nest-
To grab a piece of bark he uses to write and some ink, leaving the confused Alpha on his own.

The Alpha, Katsuki, stands in the middle of the living area bewildered by what just happened. He thought he said something wrong when he saw the green-haired beauty begin trembling,
His emerald eyes becoming glassy but then all of a sudden, he just ran away. The small squeaky voice that trembled echoes in his head. It sends shivers down the Alpha’s spine, remembering the adorable face of the Omega. He has never felt this way before.
Omegas have approached because of his status but never liked any of their scents and they looked so fragile they could break, but this is the first time he felt something for a rare male Omega of all things.

The blonde listens, hearing the soft shuffling of the small man, as-
He closes his eyes. He thinks about the sweet honey and wild forest scent that still continues to float around but with a hint of sourness from the sudden burst of anxiety. Katsuki internally growls at himself for scaring the Omega but then hears the squeak of the stairs.
His eyes shoot open.

Walking down the stairs with some materials, the Omega looks calm and has a slight smile. Relief fills the Alpha, glad that the alluring being is alright. The blonde notices a piece of bark and what seems to be a writing utensil.
Giving a noise of confusion, the beauty looks at him and smiles and begins to write something on the bark. Amazed at the ingenuity of using a quill on bark, Katsuki waits in anticipation. Once he was done writing something down, he turned the piece of wood around and shows it to-
The larger man. Katsuki reads the message, disappointed that he couldn’t hear that sweet voice again. He repeats the message out loud, “Midoriya...Deku?” The Alpha gives a confused look which slowly turned to anger as he realized the meaning of the name, “Who the fuck named you-
/Useless/?” he hisses out, a growl escaping his throat.

Izuku looks at the angered Alpha trying to correct him but fears using his voice and instead releasing calming pheromones before writing a better way to pronounce his actual name. It surprised him that the Alpha read it-
Differently, and chalks it up as a language jargon. ut it was the first time he had seen someone get angry on his behalf over his name. The Omega was used to being called useless and pathetic so it didn’t bother him as much, but it brings tears to his eyes thinking that someone-
Would yell for him instead of at him. He quickly scribbles down another way to say his name and shows it to the now calm Alpha. He reads the words again and says it again, “I...zuku?”

The green-haired man chirps and nods happily.
A huff escapes the blonde, relieved that he didn’t have to kill anyone that disrespected his—the Omega. His vermilion eyes glance down at the now happy Omega, wondering why he refuses to use his voice. A dark feeling enters him but washes away when he sees the brightness on the-
Freckled face. Katsuki leaves it be, noting that he’ll figure out the reason why the Omega lives alone in this place once he heals.


It took a week for his shoulder to heal, but it was a week that Bakugou Katsuki got to spend with this mysterious being that captured his-
Heart. The two spent the week slightly getting to know each other a bit better with the Omega keeping somethings hidden. It annoyed the blonde but decided to not pry into it if it made him upset to talk about it.

Katsuki took the chance to explain and answer the freckled-
Beauty’s questions. He explained that he the Grand Duke of the large kingdom next door who had come to finalize this kingdom’s offer to join forces but was shot with an arrow by an assassin trying to stop the treaty. The Omega, Izuku, listened on with a sparkle in his eyes asking
About his ability to fight and if he was a knight. Katsuki proudly puffed out his chest and told him that he was the best of the best and the captain of the army. Izuku looked on with fascination as the blonde talked about his adventures and what he does when he’s not at war.
Katsuki learned more about the muted man as well, through action. He learned that the Omega taught himself almost everything on how to survive for the past six years, he had tons of papers and scriptures dedicated to his findings of plant life and methods to hunting different-
Animals, and had more defined muscles than any regular Omega. The Alpha had fallen deeply in love with Izuku for his bravery and his uniqueness. Though, curiosity always invaded the blonde’s head when he would see the Omega’s scars and sometimes sees him space out when they’re-
Eating or talking.

They had found out that they were the same age as Katsuki just a few months older. It infuriated the blonde to no end as to where he was before coming to the tower and wanted to know his past.
But seeing this bright happily hunting and coming back with more materials he found on the snowy mountain made him second guess the idea.

One day, he finally broke and the Alpha had asked where he lived before coming to the tower and the Omega immediately curled himself into a-
Ball trembling furiously. Worry invaded Katsuki’s mind before calming the Omega and letting him know that he doesn’t have to answer, no matter how infuriated his inner Alpha screams at him to figure out why he’s so scared. Katsuki reminds himself to find out the truth when he-
Reaches the smaller kingdom, promising death to those that hurt this precious person.

When the week was up and Katsuki healed with the natural fiery magic that courses through him, he prepares himself with the clothes he was found in that the Omega kindly washed and warmed up-
During the week. Because of the fall, he took from the shot of the arrow, his clothes were sullied but the Omega had figured out a plant that could wash away any stain with water and praises the Omega for being so smart.

“Izuku, you should come with me to my kingdom, your-
Research will help us greatly,” the blonde states as he pets more of those fluffy curls. Izuku hesitates to answer, looking down and embarrassed but shakes his head. Katsuki doesn’t usually take no for an answer, but huffs and nods as he hoped for a different answer but decides-
to leave it.

Katsuki prepares for the journey down the mountain, hoping the men he came with had safely reached the kingdom. He is a strict knight that makes sure all his men don’t slack off when anything happens and that includes his disappearance when they were attacked.
The man was a force to reckoned with and promised himself that he would find the fucker that shot him if he lived. But he thanks to said fucker he was able to meet Izuku that is currently happily helping in dressing Katsuki for the walk down the mountain. It almost felt domestic,
As the Omega looked at Katsuki’s build with curiosity and blushes when he is caught staring. It brings a smile to the blonde knowing that such a gorgeous person was interested in him. But Katsuki knew he had a duty to fulfill and he promised to look more into Deku’s situation.
For the millionth time, Katsuki looks at Izuku with adoration as the two walked down the icy path down the mountain. The Omega had discovered the easiest and safest route that had them down the mountain in less than an hour. Katsuki kept himself warm with his magic and lent the-
Omega his cape noting to return with more clothing for the precious little one.

They reach the base of the mound and the pair give each other one final look, ruby orbs burning into emerald. The Alpha takes the scarred hands of the Omega and holds them tight and says one final-
Statement, “Wait for me.” Izuku looks at him, eyes impossibly wider as he stares up to the taller man that smirks. He kisses his forehead and takes in the adorableness in the smaller man’s reaction, drinking it like it’s wine.

With that, Katsuki let’s go of those soft hands-
And walks away, telling to Omega to keep his cape to remember him by. The red-faced freckled man nodded, standing there until the taller figure could no longer be seen before turning to return to his tower while sniffing the cape given by the fiery Alpha.

He can wait.

From here, we got a bit of #nsfw
The farther Katsuki got, the more he missed the Omega. It felt as if his heart was breaking in pieces as he walked in the opposite direction from him. He struggled to keep going forward towards the town,
Always turning back to look towards the mountain, wanting to rush back to that sweet smell that felt like home. But he knew, he had to find out Izuku’s story and what he keeps hiding from him.

From the start, the blonde was aware of the differences-
In beliefs within the small kingdom and had promised the Emperor to find out what it is. As it is, this kingdom will have to change their beliefs to what his kingdom believes in. Katsuki had a duty to fulfill and he will complete them all.

He knew he had to see the advisors-
Of this place to finish up the details. No matter how much this place pissed him off, he had seen enough shit to understand that this puny kingdom has the right people to assist them in getting stronger.

Even though Katsuki’s kingdom is large, the recent advisors had retired-
And due to the lack of them, there are fears that the kingdom will not survive. Of course, this is hidden information, but this is the only reason why they agreed to work with the smaller kingdom. The smaller kingdom is known for having the best tacticians and advisors. The one -
Noble family of advisors was willing to offer their assistance without any issues, but the Emperor suspected something, Hence, the Gran Duke Bakugou has made an official visit to confirm everything is set and to investigate the mysteries of the kingdom.

At least, that was the-
Plan before he met the green-haired Omega. Katsuki was attacked by an assassin on his way here, toppling down the hill and landing nearby a tower. It was clear that the assassin was sent to hinder their plans to investigate, but they were not aware as to who sent them. Katsuki-
Was not new to assassinations, so he could tell exactly the reason and with a little look into the situation, he could tell who wanted him dead. All it takes is one whiff of their scent.

Katsuki followed the direction Izuku pointed to and managed to reach the capital in a-
Matter of a couple of hours. He found out it was a shortcut to reach the area in less than a day. The Alpha suspects that the Omega had visited the Tower long before he lived there. It pisses off the blonde to no end, unconsciously releasing his enraged scent as he enters the -

Many citizens seem to avoid him as he walks down. He wears a cloak that hides his noticeable blonde hair and face along with commoner clothes to keep himself hidden. Of course, his height does not help in hiding his presence, and the crowd parts way for him like the-
Red Sea. Katsuki huffs and hopes to find his group before he attracts even more unwanted attention.

“Bro!!!” a familiar voice yells behind him.

Running up to him is a familiar red-headed Beta. His Vice Captain and packmate, Kirishima Eijirou.
The only one he considered his equal since they were in the Academy. The muscular man stops in front of him and gave him the toothiest grin with his sharp teeth.

“I knew you were alright!” he exclaims, giving him a hug in the middle of the street. Katsuki growls, making him-
Let go and realizing where they were as he sheepishly apologizes.

“Shitty Hair, where the fuck is the rest?” Katsuki grunts, pushing the redhead away from the random hug.

The Beta nods, “They’re in a nearby inn we rented for the time being. We still have another day before-
We meet with the advisors,” he continues smiling as the two walks towards the said inn, “I was worried, bro, I thought you were seriously gone. You usually don’t take a week heal...” he wonders.

The blonde huffs, “There’s... been a change of plans.”
That’s all he says before walking ahead, making the Beta sputter and run after him to lead the way.

They reach the inn and he is met with the rest of his group. They happily greet him and welcome him back. As he expected, they weren’t too worried about him.
It took a couple of battles for him to gain their respect but once they offered their loyalty to him, it was smooth sailing.

He made sure to bring the right people for this job. Some veterans like Sir Aizawa who assists in underground spy work and others around the same age-
Like himself such as Tokoyami Fumikage who does well in sneaking around in the darkness. The mixed group will help with the hidden investigation and others will serve as the forefront of the treaty process like Katsuki, himself.

He could trust his people to get this done.
He knew it. As he watches his loyal friends and pack get along and celebrate his return, his thoughts could not help but drift back to that precious green-haired Omega. He wondered if the man had friends like his or if he had anyone to talk to when he was alone. He stares at the-
Shining moon, hoping Izuku is alright.


As night fell, Izuku walked back to his home after having another successful hunt. He started to carve his catch, another elk,
And begins to store it. He has been feeling empty since the Alpha, Katsuki, had left and immediately decided to go hunting to fill that feeling. It satisfied him until he got back.

Since the blonde left, Izuku has felt even lonelier than he ever felt.
The Alpha was the first person he ever spoke to, his first friend. It was hard for him to see the person go, but the Omega has survived his entire life without anyone so he knew, he would be fine.

He was not fine.
The lingering sweet and spicy smell of the blonde lingers in his abode. Before he knew it, the Omega was a whining mess clinging on to the cape left by Katsuki. The scent fills his nose and made his abdomen heat up with a mighty need. Izuku was very familiar with this need. He-
Was going into heat and it came in early.

He had quickly grabbed all his necessities including the gift from the blonde that kept him warm while he was out and rushed to his nest, feeling the bubbling heat form in his stomach and the ache spread.
Quickly settling himself in the bunches of clothing and random soft pillows he had managed to grab before forced into the tower. But his heats never got any better and got much worse. Sometimes he would wake up feeling like a ton bricks hit him once hid head was clear.
The lack of a partner caused him to rely on his fingers but he never felt full. He never felt that satisfaction of being filled with enough seed to have pups. He knew he would be pup-less for the rest of his life. The thought of it made him hysterical, crying, and wailing to be-
Filled just once.

The smell of an Alpha soothed him. He doesn’t mean to use his friend’s scent as an aid for his heat, but the pheromones made him feel at ease. He felt like he could finally feel the joy of being filled to the brim with enough of potential Alpha cum to-
Finally pup him. He yearned for the blonde as he imagined himself being stuffed by his large cock, stretching him until he hits that particular spot in his sopping hole. He squirts just by the thought of it. His fingers curl in, trying to reach deep in himself but cried when he-
Couldn’t reach. His emerald eyes fill with tears as he struggles to continue prodding his own fingers in his hole imagining being wrapped around tan muscular arms feeling the heat from the larger man as he stuffs him full of his cock.

Izuku can’t help but stare into the natural
Light given by the moon, wondering if the blonde is thinking about him as another rush of pain rushes through his entire body.
The next morning came and Katsuki wakes up bleary from the night before.
He washes his face and prepares for his departure to meet with the advisors. Thankfully, his people had his official clothes prepared and secured for the trip. Getting ready in his red waistcoat and jacket that reveals his kingdom’s dragon crest he prepares for the journey to the
Home of the advisors.

It didn’t take long to find and he had sent Sir Aizawa to investigate the area ahead of time. He gathered his people and grabbed their horses to head towards the large house. It is surrounded by a large forest that is covered in the winter snow.
The air was blowing a chilly breeze smelling crisp and frozen small hints of the Alphas and Betas fill his nose as well. Once they reach the house, a sudden familiar smell hits his nose as the gates opened.

“Ah, welcome, Grand Duke Bakugou!”
The man who stands in front of them says. The strong smell of pine hits his nose, as he glares at the man. His crimson eyes burn in a fiery rage, realizing who this man is and only one person came in his head...Izuku.

--tbc (Sleepytime)
The entire squadron was on edge ever since they entered the advisor’s house. Their leader has been fuming, as they noticed his hands glowing but kept his scent in check. They wondered why their leader was so upset by the man in front of him but they suspect it had to do with the-
Investigation. Kirishima stood by the leader, keeping his head Alpha calm. The moment they entered the red-haired Beta noticed a familiar figure within the staff and immediately knew that this was part of the plan, at least he hoped it was.
They follow the shorter man with dark green hair as he trembles with each step, feeling the blazing glare of the Gran Duke. He had no idea what he has done but he was too scared to ask. He knew of the achievements the man brought to his kingdom and knew not to get on his bad side
But from the moment their eyes met, the blonde already hated his guts. The Beta man decided to impress him with all his achievements as an advisor and his materialistic valuables.

He leads them down the hall of his most prized possessions talking about how he accomplished so-
Much over the years. The Alpha seemed to not care about the stories or items, most likely already owning far more valuable items. All the more reason to have him at his side.

“As you see here, this is all from my greatest achievements when it came to war strategies and-
Discoveries,” the Beta Noble explains as he continues down to the end of the hall, “But, my most precious one of all, my family!” He exclaims. The painting was extravagant, fully encircled by a gold frame and in the center features the Midoriya family with their iconic vibrant-
Forest hair and emerald eyes. Not a single blemish on their face, as they smile with pride. A perfect family of three, or so they say. The father of the house, Midoriya Hisashi, already believed his one smudge in his life was already dead. But he is wrong.

Katsuki’s rage burst-
Even more, as he looked at the painting. If he was anywhere else right now, he would’ve burned the entire place down. But he had to keep himself from exploding the place. He was trembling as he looked at the painting. The family looks “perfect" the epitome of getting rid of the-
One’s that tarnish their legacy. That one smudge they got rid of, Izuku. It pissed him off. He wanted to destroy this family and take the lonely Omega to his kingdom and give him the life he deserved.

Question after question came into his head as he held off his anger, the-
Only thing keeping him from screaming and burning down the entire estate and territory is the freckled man invading his thoughts. ‘How did he live?’, ‘Did he have a normal meal?’, ‘Has he ever felt loved?’ The last thought broke him. Was Katsuki the first-ever person that showed-
Him the love he deserved?

The Alpha was shown his room by one of the servants as his presence scared the Midoriya Noble. He knew his men were also slightly frightened by his sudden spike in anger, but he couldn’t help himself. He was exhausted. Finding out the truth like this,
it was no wonder Izuku was silent about the truth. He probably feared the blonde hating him, the same way his family had.

Katsuki sits on the edge of the bed, calming himself as he takes a deep breath. He had taken off his jacket and put on something more comfortable. He-
Needed to breathe. A knock on the door breaks him from his trance.

“Come in,” he says, curtly. The door opened and a familiar person came in. The raven-haired underground soldier walks in, dressed in his usual uniform instead of his disguise.

“I heard you were upset by-
Something,” he immediately says as he shuts the door then glares at the blonde causing him to flinch, “What the fuck are you doing? Do you think that will work while we’re investigating? What’s going on, tell me honestly?” Despite his intensity, it is known to only a few people-
That he is an Omega, most mistaken him as an Alpha. Katsuki respects the man for all the achievements he conquered and even stood by his side when he was looked down upon, a constant encouragement to continue.

Mindlessly, he says, “I wish you were with him, not me.”
The older Omega raises an eyebrow, “What?” he crosses his arms as the blonde looks in the distance with a soft smile.

“I’m fortunate to have you all…but he probably never met anyone who would push him to their limits, constantly giving support, or just being there for them…”
He finally turns, his ruby eyes meeting black, confused ones before the younger continued, “I met an Omega when I was injured. He was beautiful and smart, very shy though but adorable,” he grins thinking about the cute reactions he saw during the week, but his eyes became fiery,
“He’s the Omega son of this family. He was abandoned by them when he was fourteen when he presented, but I think he’s far more resourceful than these guys, I just know it!” his fists clench and he growls.

Aizawa clears his throat,
“It seems that I may have information as to why he was sent there and, I assume, believed to die there,” he assesses the Alpha’s reaction before continuing. The Alpha only gave a slight nod. The Omega continues, “This kingdom believes that male Omegas are worth nothing and are-
Just curses,” he sees the blonde lift his upper lip in a scowl but continues anyway, “The kingdom runs backward and hides their mistakes under a rug, all that matters for them is perfection and that Omega was something they wanted to hide.”

Katsuki stands up and howls, “THOSE-

The Omega immediately releases his calming pheromones to ease the angered Alpha who had finally released all his internal anger and held-back angry scent. The blonde visibly calms down after smelling the soft lilac scent of his supporter.
“Calm yourself, Bakugou,” he states, “I don’t know what he is to you, but you won’t be able to help him with your anger going crazy,” he calmly explains.

Katsuki calms himself, breathing in and out, his fists unclench and his scowl disappears, “I fell in love with him. I wanted
Him the moment our eyes met and after learning that he comes from this fucking shit, I wanted to burn down this entire place.”

Aizawa listens to his leader’s words. The man always knew that this person would always be someone great, but he didn’t know that he can make a face-
Other than glower. With a sigh, he approaches the Alpha who seems to be transfixed in his thoughts, “Sir,” a formal greeting as he stands in front of the Grand Duke, “I may need a bit more time to investigate any more and also discover who the assassin is,” he stares into the now
focused red eyes, “I would like to promise you that no matter what we will get to the bottom of this,” his eyes give no sign of hesitation, his face is stern.

Katsuki nods, “I believe in you, Aizawa-san.”

--tbc (It's late)
The next couple of days were absolute torture. Katsuki was forced to participate in activities with the Noble family as they tried to win his favor. Every night, Aizawa would report to him about his findings, most of which are always connected to Izuku’s lifestyle.
From the constant nagging of the servants for having to have even taken care of the Omega to the mistreatment of him. Katsuki has been exposed to all the truths about this “perfect” Noble family. Aizawa even got the gossip from other nobles that visited saying that they did a-
Great job hiding away their one mistake from the rest of the world. The disgusting pigs even had the audacity to hope that he was dead. Disgusting. This kingdom deserves to burn. Every report puts Katsuki closer to the edge, Aizawa states that there has been some other-
information that he can’t seem to figure out and he needs a couple days. However, the blonde's patience is wearing thin.

His men have also been working tirelessly to find any news of the assassin. They have been looking high and low for any signs of a possible killer, but have
Come up empty so far. The treaty process has been going too smoothly for his liking, and he can’t help but feel something is off with this entire thing. He hopes the truth can be revealed soon. But for now, he has to keep up with the Midoriya Family for a bit longer.
Tired of having to hang out with the kiss-asses, today, Katsuki decides to hide in the library in the west corridor of the mansion. With dust piled up, shelves hardly ever taken care of, and the creaking wood was all the proof that this family did not care about studies. It’s a-
Miracle that they were smart enough to come up with war plans. As he walks through the room, he realizes a lot of them are just for show, but every now and then he would see a used book that was carefully hidden on top of the unused ones. He investigates all the used books,
collecting each one delicately as he walks down every aisle in the large room. Having gathered all the books, he sets them down on an extremely dusted table, coughing as the dust flies around. Once settled, he reads through all the books that have a stale scent of a particular-

It’s no wonder the green-haired man is well-versed in his history and survival, he was planning ahead for the worst. These books gave detailed descriptions of herbal plants, hunting materials, and how to create medicine.
It’s no wonder the small Omega was able to heal his wound without magic. The more he read, the more he wanted to just return to the man’s side. His Alpha screams at him to go, to leave this place filled with disgusting scents, but he knew he couldn’t. He had promised his Ruler-
to come back with information and it would be a few more days until he finds out where and who the assassin is.

It becomes evening before he realized it. The orange sun peers through the dusted window in specks. As the blonde continues reading the last bits of his current book,
he hears soft footsteps coming his way. Immediately, he sniffs the scent of a comfy lavender, an Omega.

“It has been a while since I’ve seen anyone come here,” a shaky, old voice says. From the darkness of the nearby aisle pops out a short, stout lady.
She has her gray hair in a bunch and wears a white cape that represents the medical field. Her smile is soft as she looks at the Alpha in her presence. Katsuki can only stare and tilt his head. She looks from the blonde to the stack of books before returning her gaze.
“Those were...the Young Master’s...study materials,” she frowns. Katsuki immediately widens his eyes, hearing her speak formally of who he thinks she’s talking about. He calms himself before speaking.

“You mean Yama? I didn’t think he read much, he much prefers the sword,”
Katsuki says, deciding to test the old woman. Unexpectedly, she just laughs.

“No, that one is but a fool, just like the rest of the family,” she caught on to what the young one was doing, “I have lived far longer than you have, Your Grace, I know when you are testing me.”
The blonde’s eyes widen, once more, before returning to normal and smirks. “I know, I just wanted to confirm that you’re on the right side, is all,” he sighs sitting more casually with his face leaning on his palm, “Ever since I came here, I’ve heard nothing but bad-mouthing-
coming from the servants about Izuku, so I just had to confirm.”

The old lady gasps, “You’ve met him?! He’s alive?!” Her voice rose instantly, causing Katsuki to jump.

“O-Of course,” he clears his throat, “He’s been living well, it seems, in the tower.
He must’ve learned from these books,” a soft smile touches his face as he touches the soft covers of the books.

The old lady calms herself before bowing and introduces herself, “I am Lady Chiyo, head of the medical department in the estate,” she begins,
“I have looked over the Young Master since he was young but was forced to withdraw my care when the family began to neglect him.” Katsuki’s ears perk up at the last statement, but motions his other hand to let the Lady continue, “The Young Master was... a curious child. Always-
wanting to learn something new. He always came to the library to pick out books on medicinal herbs and snuck into my office to grab some medications so he could write about them,” as she spoke, the Alpha can’t help but smile and laugh. The thought of Izuku doing things like-
those were plausible as he had also asked Katsuki a lot of questions about his kingdom during his week’s stay.

“Oh! And he also came up with small inventions that could be expanded if anyone paid attention to him...” she grew quiet before speaking up again,
“I’m glad he’s alright, I was so worried when I heard he had been taken away when his first heat had come.”

At that sentence, Katsuki froze. “His...first heat?” He turns to see the old Omega sadly nod.

“It was too late for me to chase after them, they were long gone by the-
Time I found out,” she warily says, noticing the Alpha’s sudden spike in pheromones.

“He’s been surviving without an Alpha for 6 fucking years...how could I forget about his heats!” Katsuki panics, remembering an Omega’s heat cycle happens in the Winter and the Spring.
He clicks his tongue, “The older an Omega gets, the more painful their heats are...” he begins to panic, thinking about how he may have left the Omega vulnerable with his scent.

The old Doctor looks up at him, “If he’s survived this long, he should be fine, I presume.
But since he’s never been with an Alpha and suddenly meeting you, it may have triggered an early heat cycle, possibly...”

Ruby eyes stare at nothing, thoughts of the Omega wailing and writhing in pain fill his head until a very soothing smell of an Omega’s calming pheromone-
clears his head. “Relax, Your Grace, as I said, the Young Master is strong, he can get through it. You need to finish your mission, here before returning to him.”

“How do you know about my mission?” Katsuki asks with an icy voice, trying to clear his head from his initial panic
The Lady gulps but keeps a straight face, “I have seen your men asking questions about an assassin and I may know exactly who it might be but it may get dangerous from here on out.”

“Why are you helping me?”

“Because I want this kingdom to change, and you’re the only one-
That can do that, Your Grace.”

“And?” He already knew that when he first came here.

“And I want the Young Master to be happy, with you by his side. I want you to show him what a True Noble is and why he’s special,” she looks up to glowing red eyes, her eyes show determination
The Alpha scoffs, “Would’ve done that without asking," he smirks.

Things were finally coming along.

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