Last yr spoke to an expert on far-right Christians. His term: "Christian ISIS." I've been watching far-right Christian extremists for 15+ yrs w/growing alarm. They've been creating an “army of God” for yrs. It’s part of their global plan, tying into Trump’s “Hitler Youth.”

Like Trump, Hitler had a Christian following. Many Christians thought Hitler was the "Chosen One." Hitler saw himself as Christ, the Warrior, while he saw Christ, the Crucified, as weak & disgusting. Hitler fancied himself as Christ turning over the money changers’ tables.

Christians see Trump as one of several biblical figures anointed by God. Some see him as Christ. But most I’ve seen believe Trump is fulfilling the prophecy of King Cyrus in the 45th chapter of the book of Isaiah.

B/c these people have Early Christian beliefs, they’re fundamentalists, just like Islamic ISIS, which kills Muslims who don’t conform to ISIS ideology. Christian ISIS is exporting their brand of Christianity around the world. They are Domionists.

"'Dominionism' generally describes the belief that Christians are biblically mandated to control all earthly institutions until the second coming of Jesus." According to experts, there are 2 main schools of Dominionism:

Here's "Rick Perry's Army of God" & the New Apostolic Reformation. "As a first step, they’re leading an 'army of God' to commandeer civilian government." Using euphemism "commandeer" is a way MSM softens " overthrow of democracy." This is a theocracy.

So you can see this is yet another plot to overthrow democracy on Republican side. I detailed the plan Karl Rove talked abt in previous thread. Multiple Republican groups coming together to overthrow democracy makes this exceptionally dangerous.

For 15+ yrs, I’ve read accounts of how chaplains in the military (nearly 80% are evangelical) are proselytizing new recruits, who are taught they're 1st & foremost responsible to Christ, NOT the Constitution. They're warriors for Christ.

"They want America to be a Christian nation for their children." And they believe it started out as one. This is part of Trump's "Make America Great Again." It's Christian + white supremacy + white, fascist nationalism.

For anyone saying Trump hasn't done a thing for them, please correct them. He's done plenty. People need to realize the truth. He was elected by far-right not to save democracy, but to burn it down (via Bannon) & install a white, Christian theocracy.

This is akin to Hitler Youth – "a group designed to indoctrinate kids into Hitler's ideology, then send them off to war." It’s "How the Hitler Youth Turned a Generation of Kids Into Nazis." There will be holocaust bigger than anything before.

So we have a perfect storm of fascism + fundamentalism + death cult, just like in Nazi Germany. @JeffSharlet has a great thread today about the "'Patriotic education' is Stephen Miller's fascism + Mike Pence's fundamentalism" part.

Hitler murdered those who didn’t accept Nazi ideology or who weren’t helpful to the Nazis. Nazis had slaves. ISIS murdered Muslims who didn’t accept the ISIS ideology. Christians & all others should expect the same from this Christian ISIS & their Christian fascism.

It’s already happening, coming under the guise of the pandemic. Trump is committing genocide. He & many others, as you can see, welcome it. This falls under reprobation ( above) & also white supremacist ideology since the pandemic is hitting POC especially hard.

For a more in-depth look at how the far-right Christians helped get us here, follow @JYSexton. He grew up in the white-identity, evangelical world & speaks out against it. We need to understand their thinking to overcome these issues.

Another great thread by @JYSexton talking about the history of our national identity & religion & how knotting the 2 together embedded systemic racism after the Civil War. He starts, though, with the Confederacy.

ALL elections matter. Get involved in down-ballot & local races, if you can. Democracy only works when a critical mass of people are engaged & actively working for the betterment of ALL.

As @JeffSharlet said, "The modern Christian Right--without which there would be no Trumpism--began not in national politics but on school boards." Republicans had 50+ yr plan while Democrats have had no broad, similar plan.

Here's a great thread of how the Christian Right has focused on the courts to take them over & impose Christian law. This is again why the expert I spoke to last year called them "Christian ISIS." Some of these people want to go back to stoning, etc.

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