The reason this topic is so important is because it is central to the illusion of moral superiority projected by the kuffar. In spite of the fact that their technology was developed with huge amounts of cruelty, theft, murder, and injustice, we are meant to excuse them...

...because "individualism." That is, it was their cruel ancestors that secured wealth and power for them, and now that peace and civility are mandated by law (ensuring no one can take power from them) they accept tribal inheritance while denying tribal debts.

The technology itself causes a lot of ecological and social problems, also amassing a large "debt" that has to be paid at some point in the future when synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, antibiotics, and economic inequality finally explode into famine, plague and war...

...and Shaitan's deception becomes increasingly obvious. The idea that this inevitable reckoning is avoidable allows them to continue their spreading of corruption for a little bit longer, by offering false promises that there can be an escape from Allah's judgment.

I have actually spoken with a practicing Christian before on this topic, and he told that he understands very well that their actions will cause a huge amount of destruction and suffering on the earth. But he told me that he expected that he would die before the problems...

/5 really bad, so it wouldn't be his problem.

They believe that Jesus died for their sins, so they think that everything will be forgiven, and they can destroy the earth for their own enjoyment and escape the consequences for it by dying. This is not the logic of...

...every Christian individual, but it is the logic of their civilization.

It's horrific to see Muslims trading the religion of Allah for these evil lies. It's sad in particular to see the Gulf Arabs believing that technology can be a source of honor, when in reality...

...they are simply humiliating themselves in the eyes of the world by squandering their wealth, being scammed by Judeo-Christian civilization, and getting a bunch of technology they can't even properly maintain or operate and which renders them even more dependent.

Anyone from among the Muslims who thinks they can achieve honor from something other from Islam will be bitterly disappointed in this life and the akhira. This is why it is so important to dispel this illusion. Sure, there are many who want to believe these lies to enjoy...

...a little bit of the dunya, but I feel that a large number of sincere Muslims are also duped by this deception, which is why I think this issue deserves more attention.

Wallahu alim.

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