klaus hargreeves and their relationship with ptsd, trauma and abuse; a thread bc im sad
klaus is kidnapped and tortured by hazel and cha-cha for information on their brother five.
they relive their childhood abuse of being locked in a mausoleum at the age of 13 while confined and tied up in the motels closet.
after accidentally travelling back in time and landing in the middle of a war in vietnam for 10 months, klaus returns home.
they relive the trauma through audio cues and flickering lights.
asking their brother diego to drop them off at a “veterans of foreign wars” bar, klaus finds a photo of his late lover n themself on the wall, reminiscing of the times they had together.
this is cut short by audio cues of explosions, gun fire, and klaus calling out to dave.
the episode begins with a flashback informing us of how klaus and dave first met, including their first dance together and kiss.
klaus then flushes their drugs, wanting to stay sober in remembrance of dave. (ily baby ur doing so good)
soon after, klaus asks their brother diego to help tie them up so they wouldn’t be able to give into withdrawals, wanting to be sober to conjure dave.
through a commotion, klaus knocks the chair over n hits their head, the loud crash cueing a vivid flashback of daves death.
while going through withdrawals, klaus stumbles around town looking for luther n soon finds him heavily intoxicated at a rave.
the loud music and shouting triggers klaus’ ptsd, a pill he threw earlier manifests itself into dave, forcing them to relive his death once again.
vanya is discovered to have terrifying powers and before confining in anyone else to figure out what to do, luther locks her away.
klaus tries desperately to get her out, knowing what it’s like to be locked up and afraid due to their abuse as a child.
the temp agents from the commission are sent to eliminate the siblings, trying to ensure the end of the world and shoot up the bowling alley they are in.
klaus covers their ears due to the frequent gunfire.
during the final scene, klaus is able to conjure ben and take out the rest of the temp agents, an ability they didn’t know they had.
you can tell by their face that they were terrified of what was happening, terrified of their power in general bc of the abuse.
after being stranded in 1960’s dallas texas, klaus tracks down young dave in hopes of convincing him to not join the war n ultimately saving his life. they find him working at a department store.
the loud rattling of the paint mixer triggers a vivid flashback of daves death.
vanya is interrogated by the fbi under the impression that she is a russian spy n her powers soon overload. allison, diego and klaus all try to get to her and stop her so doomsday won’t happen a second time.
the loud soundwaves of her power forces klaus to cover their ears.
during the final battle, hundreds of agents from the commission show up on the battle field, riddling sissy’s farm full of bullets.
the rapid and loud gunfire as well as the soundwaves of both vanya and lila’s powers triggers klaus’ ptsd of the vietnam war.
end thread
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