This is going to turn out the GOP base in huge numbers. Trump is the clear favorite at this point.

Biden has no ground game. Dems thought they could coast to victory. Not looking great.
Worth noting too that RBG could have retired a decade ago and been replaced but refused. That selfish move could, in addition to making the court 7-3, give us four (at least) more years of Trump.
Also she was pretty conservative, was bffs with Antonio Scalia, and attacked Kaepernick for his protest. Cult of personality is mystifying.
Calling Trump the "clear favorite" was hyperbolic and a snap reaction, definitely an overstatement.

Re the second part.

Running on being not Trump has been the strategy, as Politico reported in July:
Hard to see that attitude not part of a strategy of coasting to the nomination while not doing much of anything.

Time reported that the campaign won't confirm it has any physical offices in Michigan, not how many staff, "supply centers" for signs, etc.
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