Welp. There goes Roe v Wade. Thanks a lot, Susan Sarandon and Bernie Sanders. Is this your revolution?
To all the Berners throwing tantrums in my mentions right now: you are just telling on yourselves that you didn’t vote for Hillary. You’re all disgusting bootlicking closet MAGAts. You wanted Trump to win to accelerate your “revolution.” Well this is it. This is bust. Proud?
You Berniebros and your unfortunate spawn are the ones who you will have to live with the damage you’ve done. I won’t. I can quite easily leave if Trump wins again. You idiots are stuck here. You break it; you bought it.
And for those of you Bernouts who did not vote for Hillary feigning ignorance about what you did: yes, this is your fault. Own it: https://twitter.com/frauddetector3/status/1307148886008504321?s=21 https://twitter.com/FraudDetector3/status/1307148886008504321
And that’s just the Berners who voted for Trump—there are many more Bernouts who voted third party or wrote in Deez Nuts or simply didn’t bother to vote at all. All of you are responsible for Trump.
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