OUTSTANDING news! Join us at the Walk Bike Roll Summit *for free*. Tons of great speakers including keynotes @ctbrown1911 @AnnaZivarts, WSDOT Sec. @MillarRoger and more. I'll see/hear/connect with you there! #WSDOTactive https://twitter.com/CascadeBicycle/status/1307085284669108229
Starting early on my work for the week sometimes a bit of a slog. THIS week, though, I get to review incredible lineup of speakers in WA Bike Walk Roll Summit sessions I'll be moderating starting bright/early (or, well, *early*) at 8:30 a.m. AWESOME. #WABikeSummit
Keynote speaker for WA Bike Walk Roll Summit 12:30-1:30pm Monday 10/5: Powerhouse @ctbrown1911. #WABikeSummit #ArrestedMobility
4-5pm, Mobility Justice in Active Transportation w/more powerhouse: @DrDesThePlanner @ctbrown1911 @BlitzUrbanism @EdwinLindo. All these tweets are why you should have registered already for WA Bike Walk Roll Summit. That's just Monday! #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity #MobilityJustice
1st session in WA Bike Walk Roll Summit under way. Annya Pintak: Engagement is ongoing relationship-building. Outreach is a tactic in the engagement process. Do I have relationships w/communities I'm planning to serve? If I don't, how do I start those? #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity
If you didn't get signed up in time to be in the first session of the WA Bike Walk Roll Summit from @CascadeBicycle, great news: It's being recorded and you'll be able to watch it later. #WABikeSummit #BikeWalkRoll #MoveEquity
Ideas from @LauSquires to reach people who aren't online or have limited data or web access: Utility bill mailers, telephone town hall, mailer w/detachable survey to mail back. #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity
You can distribute info/resources anyplace people are gathering. If they're lined up for COVID tests, wear PPE and hand out info packets while they're waiting in whatever languages are right for that area. @RioOxas gives shoutout to an org that did this. #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity
Annya Pintak: Ask places like senior centers how they're handling their programming in the time of COVID. How can transpo folks show up in existing efforts? Example: Printed info sent w/senior home meal delivery. #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity
"Impoverished communities are bad for everybody!" - @RioOxas #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity
"How are we going to ensure that communities are set up for success? Engagement is about capacity-building for communities." -Annya Pintak of @SeattleDOT #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity
Idea for launching a plan or group formation: Build a timeline collectively w/people adding events important to their community. Go back as far in time as you need to so you capture the history shaping today's needs, issues, opportunities. #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity
Make sure you budget to compensate people for being experts on their own needs/challenges and for translation/interpretation. May need to encourage participation of people who aren't used to their knowledge being valued. -An Huynh #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity
When we start treating all people as assets we see how rich in resources our communities really are. - @RioOxas #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity
In transportation we are the arteries to every aspect of social justice. We are how you get to education, community gardens, healthcare, the outdoors. - @RioOxas connects us to a spirit of hope. #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity
People remember how you make them feel when they're at their most vulnerable. In transpo we're asking people their preferred mode when they may not be able to make rent or are worried about a sick loved one. - @LauSquires #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity
Transparency goes a long way, Annya Pintak notes. If you pause engagement to regroup, tell people that's what you're doing, use the time thoughtfully. Build foundations now in the virtual space, build on those in future. #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity
Some warm-up reading on mobility justice for you before the rest of today's sessions at the Washington Bike Walk Roll Summit: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/579398799f7456b10f43afb0/t/5f7102823a2a3d3970528072/1601241733858/COVID+19+Transformative+Talks+report.pdf from @untokening. #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity #COVID19
. @ctbrown1911 lists challenges for "get moving to get healthy" campaigns: They're ahistorical/apolitical, ignore discriminatory law enforcement patterns, lack tangible organizational commitments to fund orgs working in BPOC communities /more #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity
"Get moving/get healthy" campaigns leave out unconscious bias/criminalization of Blackness, leave out need for explicit diversity equity inclusion actions, leave out political determinants of health. - @ctbrown1911 #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity #ArrestedMobility #health
Facing equity issues requires understanding root causes. Which social identities do you think about most/least often, have strongest effects on how you perceive yourself/how others perceive you. @ctbrown1911 notes race=root of perception. #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity #HealthEquity
Who lives, who dies, who has access to affordable housing, who doesn't, who has a place to walk, who doesn't: Racial segregation shows on the map and in the outcomes. Race determines Place determines Health, says @ctbrown911. #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity
Arrested Mobility framework @ctbrown1911 defines: Black people historically and presently denied the inalienable right to move, to be moved, or to simply exist in public space by legal and illegal authority, (more). #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity
... resulting in adverse social, political, economic, and health outcomes that are preventable, widespread, and intergenerational. Complex causation and interactions among Racism, Overpolicing, Adverse outcomes, Mortality. #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity
Tampa: 2003-2015 over 10,000 tickets to people on bikes. 79% issued to Blacks, yet only ~20% of population is Black. Tickets written to kids down to 3 years old! #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity #ArrestedMobility
Austin TX: 2x as many bike citations written in majority Black neighborhoods than in majority White or Latino. More numbers from Oakland, Chicago, on and on. #ArrestedMobility #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity
. @ctbrown1911 reels out statistic after statistic of disproportionate enforcement for walking, bicycling, taking transit, driving, using rideshare while Black, or just being in your own home, on and on and on. #ArrestedMobility #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity #BlackLivesMatter
Strategies/solutions @ctbrown1911 proposes: Reparation-style infrastructure package for Black communities with bike infrastructure, ideally protected bike lanes; pedestrian infrastructure; public transit; public art. #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity #ArrestedMobility
More strategies from @ctbrown1911 to fix arrested mobility: Enhanced police accountability. Elimination of the "scary Black male" narrative. Data for Black lives/experiences. Penalize race-based 9-1-1 calls. Eliminate racialized zoning. #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity #ArrestedMobility
More strategies from @ctbrown1911 to fix arrested mobility: More courage from White allies. "I need you, we need you, to be more vocal." #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity #ArrestedMobility #EndWhiteSilence
"No, we are not all in the same boat. We are in the same storm. There is a huge, huge difference." - @ctbrown1911 #WABikeSummit #ArrestedMobility #MoveEquity #BlackLivesMatter
Q to @ctbrown1911 about bike infrastructure and gentrification/displacement. He finds 90%+ support for adding bike lanes interviewing Black people. Problem arises when bike lanes are imposed w/o addressing existing problems for Black people on streets. #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity
Q to @ctbrown1911 about how to break down the "scary Black male" myth: Representations in media, film, TV all contribute. Have to unlearn the socialization imposed on us by institutions. #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity #ArrestedMobility #BlackLivesMatter
Bicycle advocacy groups tend to be very white. Have to bring in BIPOC not to tokenize but to share power and leadership. Examine local data, zoning laws. Moral obligation to seek social justice in what you do, how you interact in community. #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity
Q on concern about White allies showing up and coopting BIPOC spaces. @ctbrown1911 says first White people have to show up. Just show up. Then we can strategize on working collectively to improve communities. #WABikeSummit #EndWhiteSilence #MoveEquity
If you work from a space of love you're willing to sacrifice in order that others who have been left out can get what they need. - @ctbrown1911 #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity
If you're advocating for bikes but not for Black and Brown people to be free you're really advocating for your own benefit, not for everyone. - @ctbrown1911 #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity
Is the word "justice" being coopted? Social justice work requires mutual accountability in the community, says @DrDesThePlanner. Are people actually attempting to redistribute power to achieve justice? #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity #SocialJustice
Need to abolish mentality that we're "giving" people freedom to move, says @EdwinLindo. People we're "giving" to paid the price a long time ago in costs of colonialism, white supremacy. #WABikeSummit session on mobility justice getting under way. #MoveEquity #MobilityJustce
. @DrDesThePlanner asks, How can we reimagine or redefine what it means to move, to be connected, with self-determination and freedom? #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity #MobilityJustice
. @ctbrown1911 When we talk about the fight for mobility justice it's an acknowledgement that injustice exists. It isn't that someone is "granting" the right to be free or anyone is asking permission to move freely in their own communities. #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity
If you're one of those who benefits from a surplus, that came at someone's expense. You've also had the power to reject things you don't want and put those in someone else's neighborhood, from noise to pollution. #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity
. @EdwinLindo lays out how what happened in 1940 (redlining) is killing people in 2020 (COVID19) thanks to cumulative effect of highway placement, housing costs and more. #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity
Before rushing to solutions, pause to grapple with the nature/extent of the real harms that have been done. So many people didn't learn that history. - @ctbrown1911 #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity
. @DrDesThePlanner gives example of how saying you're doing a project in a location where people have been disproportionately affected isn't the same thing as doing something to *address* those disproportionate effects. #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity #MobilityJustice
. @ctbrown1911: If we're really going to tackle mobility justice we'd put more resources into the places that have borne more cost. That isn't happening. If it isn't clear now in the time of COVID I don't when it ever will be. #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity #MobilityJustice
When it comes to programs serving Black and Brown people if you're asking for a needs assessment of the community you're either not reading the literature or you're not in the community. @EdwinLindo calls out typical grant application process. #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity
Tactical urbanism came from the 'hood, @DrDesThePlanner says. Our grannies were sitting out on their folding chairs; our uncles and grandpas were playing chess on the sidewalk. #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity
On automated enforcement: Backdrop of racism in nature of roads/neighborhoods can result in racial disparities in ticketing even though you've removed police officer from the equation. What is it we're enforcing, who gets to decide? #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity
"Centers of joy" concept: @DrDesThePlanner on essentialness of having spaces for people to self-determine what joy and mobility are. Transpo projects that took front yards took away places where people got married, celebrated, came together. #WABikeSummit #MoveEquity
Could have listened to mobility justice panel for another hour! If you missed today's sessions at the WA Bike Walk Roll Summit, watch for recording links. Thank you so much @DrDesThePlanner @ctbrown1911 @blitzurbanism @EdwinLindo for your power and passion. #WABikeSummit
Now in WA Bike Walk Roll Summit session The Future of Transportation Funding w/ @SenSaldana, Rep. @SlatterVandana, and Debbie Driver of Gov. Inslee policy office. #BikeWalkRoll #WABikeSummit #WAleg
Interesting juxtaposition of legislative members exemplifies active transportation networks: @SenSaldana and @SlatterVandana represent districts that include trail/path connections across WSDOT, county, city, and parks jurisdictions. #WAleg #WABikeSummit #BikeWalkRoll #trails
Summit panel on transpo funding: Everyone interested in how we leverage growth in walk/bike that has shown up during COVID ( @WSDOT dashboard https://www.wsdot.wa.gov/about/covid-19-transportation-report/dashboard/act/default.htm), how to fund multimodal transportation, equity issues. #WAleg #WABikeSummit #BikeWalkRoll
E-car=cleaner emissions, still takes up space on highway system like gas cars, @SenSaldana notes. If you can take transit or feel safe to walk/roll on local streets that reduces overall transpo impacts. #WABikeSummit #BikeWalkRoll #WAleg
Starting now! @InGaj4318 "Doc" Wilson, founder of the Peace Peloton - a revolutionary program focused on providing
economic reform for Black people and Black-owned businesses. #WABikeSummit #PeacePeloton #MoveEquity #BlackLivesMatter
Doc Wilson @InGaj4318 tells story from early in his career. Mentor told him what separates 30YO Black laborer from 30YO White investment banker: Access. Access to connections, resources, opportunity. #WABikeSummit #PeacePeloton #MoveEquity #BlackLivesMatter
TV showed Doc Wilson @InGaj4318 not just the access that White kids had but the *excess*--so much more than his family could dream of. For him + 2 siblings to get bikes they pieced them together from parts and scraps. #WABikeSummit #PeacePeloton #MoveEquity #BlackLivesMatter
Doc Wilson @InGaj4318: From mountain biking to road clubs, Doc found world of white men on bikes. He started Saturday Cycle in Baltimore area: no-drop ride so no one left behind, all levels welcome. #WABikeSummit #PeacePeloton #MoveEquity #BlackLivesMatter
Thought they might get 20 people at 1st Peace Peloton. 345 people showed up. Taking it on the road next to DC, Atlanta, LA, Houston. https://www.peacepeloton.com/  #WABikeSummit #PeacePeloton #MoveEquity #BlackLivesMatter #BicyclesChangeLives
Purpose of Peace Peloton: Motivated people coming together to advance positive change for Black people/Black-owned businesses through access, community and fun. -Doc Wilson @InGaj4318 #WABikeSummit #PeacePeloton #MoveEquity #BlackLivesMatter
Open their wallets, change their minds: 2 difficult things to ask people to do and Peace Peloton asks people to do both. -Doc Wilson @InGaj4318 #WABikeSummit #PeacePeloton #MoveEquity #BlackLivesMatter
So many great points/programs arising out of Peace Peloton! You need to listen to the recording when @CascadeBicycle drops the link. Mentoring, support, coaching DEI efforts in organizations and more. #WABikeSummit #PeacePeloton #MoveEquity #BlackLivesMatter
I've been tagging Doc Wilson's comments w/ #BlackLivesMatter . @InGaj4318 notes they're not affiliated w/BLM. Their work supports Black lives and Black economic success as well as biking and fun. #WABikeSummit #PeacePeloton #MoveEquity
Why the bicycle as an instrument of economic support? Getting on a bike slows you down to see/experience/appreciate a place. Being on a bike is disarming, rides welcoming to all, rides exude good energy. -Doc Wilson @InGaj4318 #WABikeSummit #PeacePeloton #MoveEquity
Bicycling builds community, supports personal health, invites people to leave their cars and reduce their GHG emissions. -Doc Wilson @InGaj4318 on more reasons the bike ride is his chosen instrument of change. #WABikeSummit #PeacePeloton #MoveEquity
"You have to be the first to say hello. And shore up your tolerance for 'no'." -Doc Wilson @InGaj4318 advice to people who want to start a community bike effort. Do research to find existing programs, add what's missing. #WABikeSummit #PeacePeloton #MoveEquity
Some kinds of change like policy work require someone else to act. We can control what we do w/our own wallets to support/grow local Black-owned businesses. -Doc Wilson @InGaj4318 on how they focused their mission on economic development. #WABikeSummit #PeacePeloton #MoveEquity
Effects of COVID on Peace Peloton rides: Likely keeping # of riders down. Black-owned businesses they go to have to have outdoor space to spread out. Riders wear masks. #WABikeSummit #PeacePeloton #MoveEquity
What does success look like for Peace Peloton? "We need humans to help each other to do this thing together."-Doc Wilson @InGaj4318. Black people alone can't change legacy of racism and white supremacy. We need everyone on this ride. #WABikeSummit #PeacePeloton #MoveEquity
You know your own superpower. "Find your lane": the way you can help Peace Peloton and other organizations engaged in these efforts. #WABikeSummit #PeacePeloton #MoveEquity
Peace Peloton will be doing a ride on Bainbridge Island. Enjoy the ferry ride if that's how you get to Bainbridge, new bike infrastructure, and supporting local Black-owned businesses. #WABikeSummit #PeacePeloton #MoveEquity
Infrastructure connection for Peace Peloton: What will make it safer and easier for people in marginalized communities to be on the bike? This is that access difference Doc @InGaj4318 mentioned early on in this talk. #WABikeSummit #PeacePeloton #MoveEquity
When you envision the future of the bike community what does it look like?
Doc Wilson @InGaj4318: "Everyone has the choice to fit into whatever cycling community they feel like without restriction...." (more) #WABikeSummit #PeacePeloton #MoveEquity
Doc Wilson @InGaj4318 vision of diverse/inclusive bike community: "Pros can ride with couriers can ride with weekend cruisers, coming together w/common denominator of the bicycle as the tool that brought them together." #WABikeSummit #PeacePeloton #MoveEquity
If you don't ride bikes YES you can volunteer w/Peace Peloton! They need ambassadors who *don't* go on the ride to greet/welcome participants, help things run smoothly. #WABikeSummit #PeacePeloton #MoveEquity
Great story about @Back_Alley_Bikes owner Ben Rainbow meeting a young Black man on a Peace Peloton ride nand hiring him. Connections by bike rock! #WABikeSummit #PeacePeloton #MoveEquity
Great midday discussion w/Doc Wilson @InGaj4318 at WA Bike Walk Roll Summit. Join again 4-5pm *today* for conversation w/ @WSDOT Sec. @MillarRoger: future of active
transportation work; importance of racial equity; civil rights in the transportation realm. #WABikeSummit
Washington state's economy runs on the infrastructure we already have. Keeping it in a state of good repair is in an investment in our economy. @MillarRoger shared state of transportation w/attendees at WA Bike Walk Roll Summit yesterday. #WABikeSummit #transportation
This morning we get technical at the WA Bike Walk Roll Summit. In 30 minutes we dig into network analysis, level of traffic stress, other good wonky stuff to make walking/rolling better https://wabikewalkrollsummit.sched.com/ . Join us! #WABikeSummit #infrastructure
Kim Voros of @AltaFieldNotes gets us rolling w/basic concepts of network analysis. What IS a network? Accessible, complete connections that let us get where we need to go. #WABikeSummit #infrastructure #ItsAboutTheNetwork
Active transportation network: Accessible, interconnected *bicycle and pedestrian* facilities that allow all users to safely and conveniently get where they want to go. Completeness, density, directness, access, quality all important https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/environment/bicycle_pedestrian/publications/multimodal_connectivity/. #WABikeSummit
Completeness: Network comprehensiveness
Density: Relative number of links or facilities
Directness: Whether out-of-direction travel is required
Access: Whether specific destinations can be reached
Quality: Defines the user experience #WABikeSummit #infrastructure
Network is important because *counts don't tell the whole story.* We're still building bike/walk networks; identifying network deficiencies is an important part of demonstrating need. #WABikeSummit #infrastructure
If you can't count people walking/bicycling maybe it's because we can't get there. The 520 trail=great example; people weren't swimming across before WSDOT built bridge w/trail; now 1+ million people/year cross on that trail. #WABikeSummit #SR520Trail #WSDOTactive
WSDOT using Level of Traffic Stress as quantitative evaluation of roads for active transportation use. You'll see that in the State Active Transportation Plan when it comes out for comment later this winter. #WABikeSummit #infrastructure #WSDOTactive
Level of Traffic Stress-data-intensive. Didn't have all the data we'd like: bike lane width, trails, sidewalk presence, ADA accessibility, right-turn lane or parking lane presence/length. Kim Voros laying out work on WSDOT Active Transpo Plan #WABikeSummit #WSDOTactive
Add-on to LTS analysis: WSDOT Active Transpo Division got FHWA grant to analyze "permeability": Can the chicken cross the road? Route Directness Index: Compare straight-line distance to network distance (out of direction travel). #WABikeSummit #WSDOTactive
This morning's expertise courtesy of Kim Voros, @AltaFieldNotes. The Alta team worked w/WSDOT on State Active Transportation Plan. WSDOT is only the 3rd state DOT to analyze state right-of-way in terms of Level of Traffic Stress. #WABikeSummit #WSDOTactive
Now my colleague Brian Wood presenting on WSDOT's use of Level of Traffic Stress and other tools for analyzing state right-of-way. #WABikeSummit #WSDOTactive
As WSDOT examined places where people walk/bike now or could if infrastructure met their needs we looked at all population centers whether or not they're incorporated. Land use changes have added density on/around state highways in many places. #WSDOTactive #WABikeSummit
You may pass through a place you assume is a town but it never incorporated. Spanaway WA is an example: Over 10K people live there but it isn't a town. WSDOT used census-designated place boundaries to identify places for walk/bike network analysis. #WABikeSummit #WSDOTactive
Difficult to meaningfully improve what you don't measure. Level of Traffic Stress gives WSDOT new metrics: miles of low-LTS bicycle/pedestrian facilities, miles of low-LTS highway close to modal connections (transit, rail, ferries, air). #WABikeSummit #WSDOTactive
State law requires WSDOT to address how active transportation helps address traffic congestion. When we lower barriers to walk/bike use we make it easier to use that for short trips that otherwise put another car on the highway. #WABikeSummit #WSDOTactive
Essential for WSDOT to plan w/local jurisdictions to find best way through a particular segment. Best walk/bike connection may be on local street/road, so how do we connect you to that if you're biking along hwy shoulder? #WABikeSummit #WSDOTactive #ItsAboutTheNetwork
Now up in WA Bike Walk Roll Summit: Chris Comeau, senior transportation planner for City of Bellingham. #WABikeSummit #bikeBHAM
City of Bellingham updated their walk/bike plan in 2013-2014 and have been building it ever since. Multimodal policy approach emphasizing walk/bike/transit. They asked where people want to go, focusing on urban village centers. #WABikeSummit
This morning's tweets are from session on network analysis at the WA Bike Walk Roll Summit. Recording will be available later and I'll drop link in this thread. #WABikeSummit #infrastructure
Bellingham using Route Directness Index methodology; other jurisdictions in WA also using it. Distance of network route available vs measure of geographic distance, identifying major barriers (like highways). #WABikeSummit #infrastructure
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