This weekend I'll be doing the #openjam2020 full time as an artist in a team of 3. We'll be in the same place together for the whole weekend, should be fun! I'll update our advancement here.
In this jam we have to use as much open source tools as we can. The source code will also be available at the end of the jam so we can score some of those juicy open source stars. The jam starts tonight. More details can be found here : #openjam2020
The theme of the jam is "airborne". We have a general idea of what we want to make but I'm really struggling with creating a basic theme for the game. #openjam2020
I think we have our player 😳
environnement mockup #openjam2020
code name "throw throw dino dino" is a game about throwing your dino son #openjam2020 #indiedev
u ever get so bored u just go back to the past to send dinos to the future to reintroduce the species?
look at him go

everything is both falling appart and coming together

I guess we'll see
And we finished the game! We'll release it tomorrow after making a release build and fixing some small issues. #openjam2020 #indiedev
Best score I've heard of yet is 3371, lowest is 193.

This was a really fun jam and I'm really happy with the result, a simple but fun game. I think this is my best jam yet, hope there's more to come!

This is the end of the thread, thank you for reading #openjam2020
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