Eligible 30-year-old bachelors PREFERRING 23-year-old women is NOT a condemnation of their older agemates. When you LOUDLY preferred older men through your 20s, none of us wrote threads lamenting your condemnation of us. Let men VOCALIZE their preferences in peace.
Your parents tell you to study hard, are they condemning the illiterate? Equally, when we tell eligible 30-year-old men to aim for 25 yr old >>, we are not condemning older women (our agemates). We know there are successful illiterates, but would you normalize illiteracy?
And no, it cannot be predatory that which is sanctioned by law, and was the backbone of your romance for years. Men don't marry younger women as revenge to their older agemates who made it abundantly clear they preferred older men. Keep preferring the older men even in your 30s.
I am tired of coming into threads lamenting eligible bachelors' desire for control and power as being the trigger behind their pursuit of younger women. Because this is not true. There are a 1,000 & one benefits due to men - and the society - for marrying younger women.
Younger women are less predisposed to the cynicism born of failed relationships. They yield more to the man. Ask your self as a 30-year-old woman, are you as vulnerable as you used to be in 23s? Yet men need that emotional vulnerability, that they can protect & love you.
Men peak sexually in their 30s. They need women that can match that vigor toe to toe. Beat to beat. But older women want the lights turned off. They give sex as a reward for loyalty. Weaponizing sex. Leveraging sex. No man has time for that.
Majority men realize better financial welfare in their 30s. They need to start building with someone whose primary motivation is not competition, but community. Younger girls attend to this better than older women - who the vagaries of life turned cagey, and wary.
Lastly, & scientifically, offsprings fare better when there is at least one present parent. In their 30s, men are at the core of their careers; in their early 20s, women are just starting out. The latter will handle nurture, the former will provide. They complement each other.
So, by all means, let men be. Keep loving the older men like you did years ago. We are still the same immature men you branded us then. Let everyone feed from the tree they planted. That your fruit is now bitter is sad, but not your male agemates' farm to till. Let men be.
For the less discerning, as there are bound to be, that immature up there is in quotes. i.e. "immature".

Because maturity is not the preserve of aged/wealthy men.

We must not view men's LEGAL preferences from the quagmire of indignation.

A choice due to women, is due to men
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