(ramblings of an insane person) i think... that jade and she-hulk have a lot in common... and shes gonna be in the news soon so i have to get this out before the public makes an opinion of her, but if you look at my diagram of jadecore seeing canon Hulk is placed as jak-
Ok now that you opened this thread and i got you here i’m going to add on that she’s lightly, by definition, also terezicore. This works in a lot of levels in our terezi | jade | dirk identity lines but its explicitly abt the Girls now. EPS JADE
she gets fired for that
(im cutting a lot of pages from these to get the point across but this is she-hulk 2004 issues 1-2, like most comics, i don’t really think the entire run holds up the pace of these good issues nor has aged entirely well for what it is)
Oh hey its the meta remember the meta, jane?
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