Yes, Wray is a joke for claiming that ANTIFA isn't an organization, but the spin about his statements also aren't the full story. He said they are organized in groups on a regional level and that there are numerous domestic terrorist investigations into ANTIFA.
ANTIFA is a real thing, and people in the ANTIFA movement are being investigated for domestic terrorism:
There are regional groups of ANTIFA members that are organized.
Multiple times throughout the hearing he repeated that there are domestic terrorist investigations going on right now of people that say they are ANTIFA.
And this was probably his most interesting statement of the entire hearing. He said that he couldn't go into whether or not BLM and ANTIFA are working together at the open hearing.
In conclusion, yes Fire Wray, he spends every hearing trying to obscure as much as possible and he is the worst but also don't let the spin make you think he said ANTIFA didn't exist or something like that. /end
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