A lot has been said about the mass hysterectomies in ICE “detention centers” recently, but the rest of the 27 page whistleblower complaint is equally damning and needs more coverage.

I’ll summarize it below but here’s the whole thing: https://projectsouth.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/OIG-ICDC-Complaint-1.pdf

Immigrants in ICE custody have reported severe neglect in medical care:
- Sick immigrants are ignored for weeks despite making multiple sick call requests.
- Chronically ill Immigrants are denied life saving medication for cancer and HIV, instead receiving ibuprofen.
Immigrants in ICE “detention centers” have reported dangerously unsanitary conditions:
- Ants and Cockroaches in the food.
- Mold in common areas.
- Poorly/Never sanitized bathrooms and medical facilities.
- Lack of PPE for both immigrants and ICE staff.
Immigrants in ICE custody have reported violations of CDC Covid-19 guidelines:
- Immigrants are kept in close confinement and not able to social distance.
- Immigrants are transported between facilities without isolating.
- Lack of PPE for ICE staff and immigrants.
The ICE whistleblower complaint states that ICE has (i) consistently failed to test detained immigrants for COVID-19 and (ii) underrepresented the number of positive COVID-19 tests to the State Department.
(This story was hard to read)
Immigrants in ICE custody went on hunger strike to protest the lack of COVID-19 protections and testing in ICE facilities. In response, ICE staff turned off their drinking water. The whistleblower confirmed that denying water to protestors is a regular ICE practice.
The report states that ICE nurses neglect and abuse detained immigrants, particularly Latino and Hispanic immigrants. ICE nurses have been reported to:
- shred medical requests
- falsify medical requests
- scream at those reporting pain
- deny needed medication
The ICE whistleblower complaint reports unusually high rates of detained women receiving hysterectomies from the same doctor (known in the facilities as the “uterus collector”) often without the women having been informed about the procedure or able to give consent.
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