Imagine the stress that teens are under right now.

Then imagine you're 14 and just found out your family might be deported. You've never lived outside the US. Your whole world is here.

Some tough conversations happening in my house right now about a kid we really care about.
I think if we really got to know immigrant families, knew their stories and specifics and cared about them as friends, that our views on deportation would really shift. Mine certainly has. I'm heartbroken on the regular with what is happening to kids in our community.
I think this pandemic has given many of us a small taste of what it is like to live with chronic stress and constant fear. And that is what many immigrant kids are living with every single day. They go to school with our kids but their future is always in question.
And regardless of whatever lens we view the choice of undocumented immigration, these kids did not choose this.
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