#BREAKING: I’m meeting with @USPS Postmaster General Dejoy and other Secretaries of State right now to discuss the crucial role that USPS is set to play in protecting our democracy during a pandemic. As the conversation unfolds, I will be sharing what I learn here.
In opening remarks, Dejoy admitted he should have given Secretaries of State more notice re the postcard sent to all households and PO Boxes. After breaking original promise to keep us in the loop, USPS official says he thinks USPS can commit to giving a heads up in future.
Given the sheer amount of misinformation and lies about mail ballots coming from this administration, I just asked PostMaster Dejoy three questions:
Question 1: What is your plan to specifically address the misinformation coming from this administration?
Question 2: What is your plan to increase confidence in USPS’ ability to safely and securely deliver ballots on time.
Question 3: How will you use your position as Postmaster General to protect our democracy from forces that are actively trying to undermine confidence in the election?
BREAKING: The @USPS Postmaster General Dejoy said he disagrees with the president on Vote by Mail.
I asked @USPS Postmaster General Dejoy if he agrees with Attorney General's unsubstantiated belief that it would be easy to bribe postal workers for ballots.
Specifically Postmaster General, do you agree with Attorney General Barr and if so, what are you doing specifically to protect mail carriers and protect our democracy?
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