Eviction is voter suppression. Poverty is voter suppression. Forcing people to hustle between multiple jobs so they can pay rent is voter suppression. Stealing people's time and labor through patchwork social services and labyrinthine bureaucracies is voter suppression.
How can people be motivated to participate in an election if they've lost work, they're being evicted, they're living in their car, they're paying everything they have to stay in a motel? What remaining bandwidth will people have to go out and vote?
It's almost impossible to vote if you are unhoused. @KCTenants leader Tonya Bowman spent two days on the phone figuring out how to register last spring. After finally registering, she got to the polls and they couldn't find her info. She was forced to submit a provisional ballot.
Voter suppression isn't inevitable, it's tactical. Whole industries COUNT on disenfranchising poor and working class people. Those who profit from the status quo DEPEND on maintaining poverty wages and sky-high rents and starved public programs.
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