I rewatched Chernobyl with someone who was 8 years old living a few hundred miles away in Belarus. She told me every detail was accurate to the most trivial extent
In the Soviet Union the problem was being not being able to tell the truth. This in essence is what caused the disaster. We have the same problem today in the West
J.K Rowling gets cancelled because she dares to tell the truth as she sees it when she holds a position that would have been considered mere common sense in the Soviet Union
I watched recently the Killing Fields 1984 about a New York Times journalist who risks his life to tell the truth. Now truth in the New York Times is determined by political orthodoxy just like Pravda. There are no more journalists working there
We have to begin telling the truth fearlessly. The risk to each of us is as nothing compared to the risk previous truth tellers faced either in the Soviet Union or in Cambodia.
The truth is everything. It is worth fighting for. Sometimes it is the only thing worth fighting for. It has absolutely nothing to do with politics
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