As someone who has a bit of experience working in the Hispanic vote space, I've been intrigued by the stories about Biden struggling a bit with Hispanics.

To be honest I was skeptical given Trump's record, but let's take a look. (Short thread).
First, the heavily Mexican-American parts of the US have seen a huge swing towards Dems since Trump took over the GOP. In '18 Ds had big Congressional wins in SW, West. CO, NM no longer targeted states, NV holding, AZ leaning D, TX in play. Big change.
Next, Dems had one of their best showings with Hispanics in the modern era in 2018, winning by 40 points in the House races, 69-29. HRC won them by 38 points in 2016, 66-28.

Dems also had their best showing with young people in the modern era in 2018.
Polling Hispanics is very hard, and many national polls have small subsamples, or don't use bi-lingual phoners. So I think the best way to gauge what's happening here is to look at the 3 Presidential states with large Hispanic populations - AZ, FL and NV.
Let's start with AZ. Clinton won Hispanics in 2016 61-31 (30 pts). In a new @EquisResearch poll Biden leads Trump 62-29 (33 pts), and a new Monmouth poll out today has him up 63-33 with Hispanics.

So, Biden is about where Clinton was in 2016.
Florida. Clinton won Hispanics 62-35 (27 pts) in 2016, and the Dem nominee for gov won them 54-44 in 2018 (ugh).

The new Monmouth poll has Biden leading 58-32 with Hispanics, a margin similar to Clinton's in 2016.
So, this doesn't feel like Biden has a "big problem" with Hispanics. He's tracking Clinton in AZ, FL and leading in both states; TX is in play; CO, NM aren't. It's possible he has work to do in NV, but the campaign seems to be addressing it now.
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