(Thread) The Nashville story is insane. The city had actually moved to Phase 3 in late June but then right before July 4 weekend, when bars and restaurants were planning to recoup lots of lost revenue, the mayor went BACK to phase 2 and shut all bars down for two more weeks.
He justified this move by saying that "contact tracing investigations" proved it was necessary. But we now know from leaked emails that contact tracing actually proved that there was no reason to have bars and restaurants closed.
They were apparently conspiring on June 30 to hide the positive COVID news. A few days later, right before the big holiday weekend, they shut everything down again.
I just received a message from a local musician in the city. He says many bars and restaurants were stocked heavily with food and booze in anticipation of the crowds. But then the mayor shut them down without warning or reason, and lots of product went to waste.
A bar owner filed a lawsuit against the mayor a couple of weeks before. Was the revert back to phase 2 an act of vengeance by the mayor? Or was he trying to make the situation look worse in order to help him with the lawsuit? We dont know, but it's a massive scandal.
Many people lost their jobs and businesses personally. The Democratic leadership in this town and many other towns destroyed the lives of their citizens for no reason. They knew better. They knew the truth. They hid it.
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