1) Lotta new followers so, just FYI.

I don't do polls. There are a couple of good ones, but I think this cycle because of the massive pending shortfall in student (18-24 year old voters) & because of the very real safety concerns by Trump voters ("shy voters") NO poll . . .
1) contd . . . is going to accurately capture what is happening.

2) I follow real, tangible #s, not polls which are stated intentions of what people might do in the future. And remember Dr. House: "everybody lies."

Instead I watch trends in special elections (ALL toward . . .
2) contd . . . the GOP since 2018 with the exception of one WI Supreme Court race; voter registrations (ALL in the GOP direction and I mean BIGLY in FL, NC, NM, NV, PA and slightly less so in IA and NH, but still in the GOP favor.) AZ briefly saw DemoKKKrats gain, knocking . . .
2) contd . . . a 150,000 statewide lead down to 85,000 before surging back to 97,000. In NOT ONE state where we can track voter registrations since 2016 have Rs fallen behind. In FL, NC, & PA the gains have been huge.

3) These are net gains, but not absolutes. I'm not saying . .
3) contd . . . the GOP has the actual LEAD in these states, but in the case of PA the Republicans have cut several hundred thousand off the D lead; in FL, Ds had a lead of almost 1 million in 2012, now barely 250,000 (and remember Trump won all these states with Dems holding . .
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