1. We are entering a period of unprecedented threat to our democracy. Sound hyperbolic, look at the facts. @realDonaldTrump is deliberately lying to the American voters about a public health tragedy. He is using the power of the Presidency to alter science for political
2. purposes and is trying to rush what could be an unsafe vaccine on the market before election day. The Attorney General in one speech yesterday said the stay at home orders were comparable to slavery in the United States. More worrying, he is thinking of indicting a sitting
3. Mayor of an American city for allowing protesters to protest. He's made clear that career prosecutors are at the whim of political appointees and that he will use every power of the DOJ to make sure Trump is reelected. Our public health leaders try to tell the truth and then
4. forced to deny science in order to keep their jobs. A complete nutjob was installed at HHS to alter scientific reports that tell us the truth about the risk of coronavirus. All of these in service of the President's political interests rather than the interests of the
5. American people. It's understandable that an incumbent President wants to keep his job. And he will use the power of the incumbency to that end. But this is very different. This is an attempt to delegitimize the election and a install authoritarian regime to replace our
6. democracy. There is a reason behind everyone in the Trump administration is willing to lie, cheat steal beyond keeping power. That reason is there will be a day of reckoning for dozens of Republicans should Biden win the election. They have committed dozens of crimes and we
7. finally get to the bottom of it. Everyone is at risk. Trump, his cabinet particularly Barr, and his White House staff. That extends to Republicans in Congress. We will finally get to the bottom of what the Russians have on Trump and on Ron Johnson and friends. We'll get
8. accounting of just how much money Trump and friends have skimmed from the American taxpayers. We'll realize the corruption of House Republicans like Devin Nunes and the illegal political work with foreign governments. So they don't just want to hold onto power, they need to.
9. They need power to keep their crimes covered up. They need power to stay out of prison. They need power so not to be exposed as the shameless criminals and incompetents they are. And if the price of that power is our democracy, they are just fine with that.
10. This is perhaps the most frightening time in our political history. We need to defeat the shameless and the liars to get to the truth. And to make sure our democracy is saved.
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