As much as I hated Obama when I was a Republican, I never once felt I had to report a tweet of his as I am reporting Trump's tweets on a regular basis for misinformation and suppression of an election.
Those who are asking why I hated Obama, I believed in the birtherism, thought he was Muslim like it was a bad thing, which I have apologized for all of it. My pinned thread shows why I hated him from a few tweets out of many lol. In my journey I learned all of it wasn't true.
I also thought Obama wanted to take our rights away, make our Military weak. Thought he wanted to take away our guns. I used to believe in the "fast & furious" scandal, and Obamagate. Thought Obama hated America. There was so much propaganda against him during both of his terms.
But still, even with all of that misinformation that I used to believe about Obama, never thought once that I had to report a tweet of his like I do with Trump for voter suppression and misinformation of an election.
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