NEWSFLASH: free verse poetry and prose poetry are not inferior to form-based poetry, and that’s coming from me, someone who spent college studying BOTH and writing BOTH, someone who has a degree in English (Creative Writing concentration.) 1/3
One reason a lot of modern poetry is free verse/prose poetry is bc it is SO much more accessible to those w/o specific education. Moreover, both free verse and prose poetry can be (and often are) BETTER, DEEPER, and MORE CREATIVE than form-based poetry. 2/3
If you live and die by “tradition,” you are an elitist who is missing out on boundless talent. Also, you are not the arbiter of what is and isn’t poetry or what is and isn’t art. Things shift and change over time. Don’t like it? Don’t write it, but DON’T belittle it. 3/3
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