Almost everything I see online left complain Biden "isn't campaigning on" he's actually campaigning on. It's not perfect and no campaign is but also some people just want to kvetch about it.
If he loses they'll say "I told you so" but if he wins by 5 they'll say he "should have won by 8." A lot of what they are saying is in bad faith.
There are legitimate critiques too, and the campaign should listen. But some of the loudest online voices on this topic just hope to tear down the Democrats and have nothing negative to say about the GOP.
For example id prefer Biden support Medicare for All. But you can't honestly say "he isn't talking about health care" when he talks about it all the time. Perhaps he's not saying the exact words you'd like and supporting the precise policy, but that's a different beast.
I also don't like when resist types say "well would you prefer the Republicans" in response to a legit critique from the left as well. That's bad faith too.

IOW, stop all sucking so much.
There's a faction of liberals who think we should only talk about interparty disagreement "after the election." This is stupid too, largely because after election nobody wants to talk about it then either.
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