For everyone saying #nuclearpower should not be used because of the #nuclearwaste it produces, I want to share with you a part of the 'Uranium Report 2020". Read it, think about it, put it into context and then ask yourself if you are still as concerned about nuclear waste. ⤵️☢
In terms of waste management, volumes are small when compared to other power generation alternatives like coal, oil and gas, said Cobb of the World Nuclear Association: “The entire fuel requirements of a nuclear reactor can be stored in a fuel pool on site for the lifetime...
of that reactor, which could be 60 years or more, or it can be moved to dry cask storage. It is possible to reprocess nuclear fuel and recycle it as mixed oxide (MOX) fuel. For fuel destined for disposal, the first geological repositories are now under construction.”
Instead of the waste being essentially dumped into the atmosphere like with coal, or it being the remnants of the source itself like with old solar panels and wind turbines (both of which cannot be effectively recycled at this point and are considered toxic waste...
because of all the elements that are implemented to make them work), the waste of nuclear power is easily stored and there are already ways to use it as fuel in new reactors. In a lifetime of the most energy demanding person, only a single coke can of nuclear waste is produced.
I am not here to bash anyone's views in any way. I just want to make sure people are aware of what many see as nuclear power's biggest 'problem'. For more information, I highly suggest following very knowledgeable people like @quakes99 @uraniuminsider @808sandU3O8 @brandon_munro
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