1/ Huge: Interrogation files shared with me by @CTCWP show that ISIS leader, Amir al Mawla, betrayed at least 19 of his comrades to American interrogaters in 2008 after his arrest.

Files reveal that Al Mawla gave detailed information on ISI, AlQaeda etc.
2/ This is a painful report for ISIS leader, Amir al Mawla.

Because "tactical interrogation reports" show that the current head of ISIS betrayed at least nineteen Islamic State comrades to U.S. interrogators after he was captured by American troops in Mosul back in 2008.
3/ On top of that, the current ISIS chief Amir al Mawla, back in 2008, told the Americans the full structure of the Islamic State of Iraq in Mosul, the structure of the Sharia organization in Mosul &the structure of the admin organizations. Names, telephone numbers, everything.
4/ Twelve years ago, in 2008, Amir al Mawla was arrested by American forces in Iraq and kept in prison for a while.

In “tactical interrogation reports” the Americans basically wrote down what Al Mawla back in 2008 told them during interrogations.
5/ Because al Mawla is now, 12 years later, the head of ISIS, these papers are very important.

The documents were first obtained by the @CTCWP. They then shared these files exclusively with me.
6/ During interrogations the Americans showed the current ISIS leader, back in 2008, a large number of pictures of suspected Islamic State members in Iraq.

Al Mawla told the Americans on 25/1/2008 that he knew 19 of them personally.
7/ Al Mawla then gave a short biography to the Americans of all of the jihadi comrades he knew from the pictures. For instance: Photo 2, “ Najm or Abu Salim gave orders for his members to kill and kidnap."

Or photo 15: “I met Abu al Bashir in July 2007”.
8/ Al-Mawla also gives information to the Americans about the man in pic 18. His name: Abu Sarah or Abu Jasim abu Qaswarah.

Interesting, 8 months later, the same Abu Sarah was killed by US forces in Iraq. He was reportedly al-Qaeda’s number 2 in Iraq at that time.
9/ During interrogations Amir al Mawla admits he was responsible for whippings. Also according to the documents, al-Mawla said that during his time in ISI in Mosul he was aware of the following:

“10 kidnappings, one execution, 4 assassinations and over 10 kidnappings for ransom"
10/ This is it from me. Thank you for your attention. There is a lot of info in the Al Mawla files. So please scroll through my timeline and find 3 tv reports in English on different aspects of these files. Every report has it's own Twitter thread with details. Thank you 🙏
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