I see a lot of smart people who think the solution to our problems is to abolish all group identities and just treat everyone equally.

This is naive, because human social interaction is a giant zero-sum game and tribalism is a very effective strategy to win at it.
A big theme of the 2020s will be various grifters and cheats taking full advantage of the naivety of abandoning group identity by persuading others to unilaterally drop group identity and then using their own group identities as much as possible.
What "we should drop group identity" actually does is it helps people who have the strongest group identities and who are good at hiding or excusing those groups, and it means that control of the information sphere becomes increasingly important;
You can use information dominance to tell everyone that the *other* groups are bad and racist but that *your* group is oppressed and needs help (help that comes in the form of free resources - money, promotions to prestigious jobs, etc).
This is the game we are playing now.
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