Hogwarts Legacy discourse is gonna be nuts and its already beginning. So lets clarify.
-The people who worked on this game have been paid and do not make money from your game purchase.
-There will be enough people who buy this game so the company WILL make a profit (1/?)
-Even if they didnt, they are a massive company. They can afford to take the hit
- JKR owns the IP. She will make money from this game.
- If you think "its just a little more money. Whats the big deal?" let me remind you this is how we ended up with Jeff Bezos: Trillionaire (2/?)
-IMO buying a copy of the game and donating an equal amount to a Trans charity is not enough. Though if you are going to do that please follow through. There are so many charities that deserve/need the support (3/?)
-If you want this game but don't want to support The Bigotry, there are other options.
-You can pirate it. You can buy a copy secondhand. You can borrow it from a friend. You can watch a Youtuber or Twitch streamer. (4/?)
No. I will not be buying Hogwarts Legacy, for all these reasons and more. Just know that you CAN experience this game with a clean conscience if you want to. I really hope that those people enjoy it.
(End thread)
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