#SciComm folks. Is anyone else thinking we need to replace co-creation with something better?
I have questions 👇
Co-creation (involving a community or audience in the development process) is part of most big science engagement initiatives and organisations, and encouraged by most funding calls.
It usually draws from areas like design thinking and product development, where users give feedback during the design process to help make the 'thing'. The goal is usually a more 'sellable' thing.
Has co-creation been reconstructed enough to ensure the process isn't set up to sell science?
Does co-creation encourage an expectation of free labour from minoritised folkls when it's being used to engage minoritised communities?
If minoritised folks are in the 'feedback' group but not the 'decision-making' group, does co-creation just provide the illusion of collaboration?
How does #scicomm move to a new version of co-creation, where communities are facilitated rather than just included?
Me, typing these questions about co-creation.
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