It is well established that #COVID19 attacks the lungs, but medical teams are now learning more about its impact on other organs. It can also affect the heart, kidneys and the brain, and the big concern is that in some cases the damage may be permanent. #abc730 @tabowden
“The response of my immune system to the virus was extreme and that battle was fought in my lungs. So the appearance of my lungs is a fibrotic appearance which you would normally expect to see in someone that had lung disease.” Karl Schurr, recovering #COVID19 patient. #abc730
“It seems that my heart is coming back to normal but my lungs are still a major limitation for me. So that’s the next phase of my rehab and I possibly won’t know for another 6 to 12 months whether my lungs will recover fully or not.” Karl Schurr. #abc730 #COVID19
“We are particularly worried that the virus when it does affect the brain it is potentially causing permanent neuron damage, nerve damage and we know from other neurological diseases that nerve damage doesn’t repair very well at all.” Dr Robb Wesselingh @MonashNeurosci #abc730
“We’re looking at brain and neurological outcome, we’re looking at the effect on kidneys, the effect of blood clotting, what will happen at 1 year, 2 years and beyond.” ICU specialist Professor John Fraser. @CCRG_Research #abc730
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