Never enjoyed this guy's work.
Not a fan of "progressive" elements in the Indian RW.

Instead of speaking "woke" lingo & validating it, it's time to stop playing by the rules set by Indian liberals, who merely import their rhetoric from the West & apply it in the Indian context.
Woke lingo = the language of Cultural Marxists.

"Institutionalized racism", "Casual sexism" & "White privilege" have been imported from the West & wrongly applied in India's context to solidify concepts like "Systematic Casteism", "Brahmanical Patriarchy" & "Savarna Privilege".
Speaking "woke" lingo & validating it will only normalise notions of Brahmins as inherently oppressive, men as inherently sexist & the system as inherently discriminatory.

All debate ends here.
Next step would be the normalisation of reverse discrimination.

Don't speak "woke".
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