I saw a tweet about his response on not being interested to meet people and make friends, which was what inspired me to write this thread - I would probably have agreed with him had this been a few years ago, but now I just find that view self-limiting. https://twitter.com/jandoe23/status/1305164433849802753?s=20
In fact, I think I do not like his responses cos I recognize similar views to when I was younger and had very fixed beliefs about how things, people etc should and should not be. I'm still learning even now, of course, but here's definitely a truth: life is fluid and dynamic.
You can resist and dislike - but if you resist and reject continously and persistently: when and where the spaces where you grow? There's outward challenge which is what he does with acting and there's inward challenge of allowing yourself to be a channel - how open is up to you.
I think that's my issue with his views: (it's not personal to him, don't @ me) for someone so young - and I've noticed this is mostly a view held when we're in our early twenties - he thinks he has life figured out. He might have himSELF figured out but even that is not absolute.
I respect that's how he's chosen to live his life and admire him for making a living and finding enjoyment out of acting - clearly outside of his comfort zone yet a dream - but I would tell him (and others like him) to keep his channels open. Let life in; you'll be surprised.
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