Um okay PSA: never watch a show or anything completely blind! Watch a trailer or at least read a synopsis beforehand if you know nothing about it.

I've seen multiple tweets of kids saying that they were "tricked" into watching Yarichin B-tch Club and I'm just... stunned.
First of all, any adult who is trying to trick a kid into watching an ecchi or hentai or another sexual show or violent show or anything along those lines: fuck you. You know that's wrong and you're an asshole.
That said, am I the weird one here? Is it not standard to watch a trailer first? The only trailers I've skipped out on have been for sequels because I don't want to be spoiled. But you bet your ass if it's something new to me, I'm gonna watch a trailer to know what to expect
I know people "joke" like "oh you're looking for anime recs? watch boku no pico hehe" but it's a JOKE, I didn't think people actually go and watch recs completely blind and clueless.

I know some people can be a bit... naive or very trustworthy but like come on now-
I don't mean to shame these kids, but you can't trust a rando's anime rec. Just because you saw someone mention it on tiktok, doesn't mean you should watch it without a clue as to what it's about. Google is free. MyAnimeList is free. Look up these things before you watch them!
Not all kids ofc, but there are so many minors online today who have absolutely zero self-preservation skills when it comes to the internet and it's scary af. Schools need to go back to teaching online safety because obviously parents aren't doing that.
I think this is a perfect example of kids in fandom not reading tags and warnings. They just dive into something completely blind, because the figurative book cover or title got their attention, or because their mutuals are talking about it and they want to join in too.
And again, I really don't mean to shame these kids! I'm just trying to say that y'all GOTTA start looking into stuff before you watch them. Read the MyAnimeList synopsis or at least the list of genre its under and you're golden. Take care of yourselves.
And I put "trick" in quotes in my first tweet bc Idk if it's a case of a person telling them "lol go watch this anime" with the intent of scarring them, or if the kid saw it on some person's public rec list mixed in with other anime and is accusing that person of "tricking" them
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