Today the gov is crowing about a drop in unemployment while Morrison + Frydenberg's plan is to plunge millions of people who rely on welfare into poverty next week on #PovertyDay

We'd like to remind them of the grim stats that haven't had as much attention #KeepTheRate
1 million "employed" people worked less than their usual hours in August.

215,000 "employed" people did not work at all.

More than 760,000 people worked fewer hours than usual. #KeepTheRate
1.7% of all "employed" people worked ZERO hours in August. #KeepTheRate

(ty @Paul_Karp for this one)
The underemployment rate remained at 11.2%, which is 2.4% higher than in March. #KeepTheRate
The underutilisation rate, which combines the unemployment and underemployment rates is 18%, an increase of 4.7% compared to March. #KeepTheRate
The large changes in employment and unemployment did not coincide with a large increase in participation, with the participation rate increasing by just 0.1% – it remained 1.1% below March. #KeepTheRate
Almost all the increase in employment was for the self-employed. #KeepTheRate

(ty @danielleiwood for this one)
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