If you have 830cr US$ u can play with a nation.

A thread on how Soros and his team meticulously tried and still trying to destroy India

How Modi each time destroyed Soros plans

Once u see the thread u wil know, why the anti nationals and liberals are so frustrated.
On Sep 23 2019 Soros Pak PM and they discussed about Kashmiri issue.

Modis befitting reply: Two new Union Territories. Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh

Soros n PFI connection
Teesta Setalvad (lawyer kapil sibal)
Indira Jaisingh
Harsh madnder
Javed Akther (y his son suddenly came in support of protesters
On 4th Feb 2020 he sent Harsh Mander to Shaheenbagh ( main man of Sonia and Soros)

U can see Teesta Setalvad tutoring them
Please share these facts.

We all need to support @narendramodi ji, he is fighting for our nation not for his family 🙏
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