#GUA #US | Despite being kick-off of the NGO -NOHE- because of a private investigation related to Child Pornography and being captured by the FBI she said and quote "I have friends in the FBI" he was immediately release despite 1/?
#OpChildSafety @OpDeathEaters @OpDeathEatersUS
She is a Cuban Citizen with no passport, the Investigation of the #FBI has no advance at all as equal as the investigation of the Guatemala Attorney General, his connections with Politicians all over the region make her hard to catch, also she can be related to @pollanria 2/?
And accusations against the government because of using minors as an incentive in political "parties" where the Private Sector can connect with more clients. Not to mention that MP has a current investigation for minor trafficking by the current owners of Bars, Clubs and 3/?
Other forms of entertainment where the ex-president Jimmy Morales and Wermer Castillo have more than 9 clubs, kids pass 3 months in Guatemala after being sent to Europe to countries like Portugal 🇵🇹, also former candidate Edmont Mullet is being investigated for minor traffic 4/?
In Europe, since he allegedly does it in the pass "legally" because there was not Adoption Law or process, at least 26 persons 👥 disappear on a normal day in Guatemala 🇬🇹 our kids are getting missed, these crimes had to be well known by other countries in the region 5/?
Minors are used primarily in Sugar and Coffe farms but also in other industries 🏭, someone because lived on the street and others because a businessman told to their indigenous parents that live in rural areas that they can legally take them to work with a Salary Kidnapping) 7/?
This can be easily confirmed with witnesses and the state has not done anything neither the NGOs operating in the country. Another thing that facilitates the trafficking of minors is a corruption case where you can buy legal papers for the victims in the Ministry Of Exterior 8/?
My team has not enough resources to pursue an investigation but I wanna ask if @OpDeathEaters @OpGabon @OpDeathEatersUS @OpDeathEatersUK can help to open an OpDeathEatersGUA and ask the press and human right defenders to cooperate with Anonymous @Factor4_GT @VicenteCarrera_
@GtCodeca @nomadagt @soy_502 @lahoragt @lanegrisgt @AdelaFleurXX @An0nymous_GT @dw_espanol @Guate_Leaks please I ask any of you to collaborate with us to make a public open investigation to create a secure line of communication and a public data base 11/?
This thread is a line of investigations we are not implying or referring any of this as affirmations all of this has to be proved and hopefully, judges and prosecutors can use the information to speak loud and take the legal actions that were pertinent 12/? I also encourage the
People to every Guatemalan citizen to collaborate with this investigation, corruption is gonna end and we have to start by fighting the corruption of our children, no one should make damage to a child a single case against a single person is not as big in court like a 13/?
The single case against a lot of people with a lot of evidence, maybe the prosecutors have single cases with little evidence that are related and they did not even know maybe are cross borders in the Region with ElSalvador, Honduras, Nicaragua... I ask all of you to be 14/?
Detectives at least for a day, and help us to demonstrate that we are legion.
Search @CIDH case "Hermanos Ramírez y familia Trata de niños con fines de adopción vs Guatemala" EN | Ramírez brothers and family, Trafficking of children for adoption purposes vs Guatemala
20.2 / ?
20.3 / ?
CIDH judge Guatemala about their possible responsibility of illegal adoption from at least 35,000 children 21/?
Suggest reading "Reflections about the application of the OIT agreements about minor labor exploitation and his worst form a in Central America and Dominican Republic 22/?
@CIDH case "Niños de la Calle v Guatemala" Street kids v Guatemala 23/?
@CIDH 23.1 / ?
24 /? Since a minor of 14 is incapable of giving consent almost 2000 Childs were sexual assault in January 2019 - September 2019 and the OAS have registered because they have the baby, that number is probably sub-registered https://osarguatemala.org/registro-de-nacimientos-segun-edad-de-la-madre-10-19-anos-por-departamento/
25/? By the third month of 2020 Guatemala already pass 2000 births of mothers with less than 14 years
26/? Almost 147 complaints were file because of Minor Trafficking in 2018 and the Attorney's Office has not given any details we the people have to pressing the MP to make something https://elperiodico.com.gt/nacion/2018/09/23/mp-recibio-147-denuncias-por-trata-de-personas-entre-enero-y-julio/
30/? Article 202 TER. Decreto 17-73 del Congreso de la República
(Related) Guatemala is one of the poor countries in the world even behind socialist countries like Cuba 🇨🇺 that has a calculated IDHD
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