a thread of things my dad has mispronounced or just fcked up in general
we once went to an Asian restaurant with some of my army friends and he ordered cell phone fried rice instead of schezwan and istg it was so embarrassing,,,one of my friends spit out her water and the other one dropped her phone
we once again went to an asian restaurant and dad asked for kozhambu to the waiter.
we were at taco bell in the states, and my dad wanted to order the tortilla of the burrito alone because my sister was a baby back then and my dad asked the dude for chappati and the weirdest part was the guy understood and gave it to us???
my dad just yesterday walked into my room and i had some fragrance sachets lying on my bed and he was like "BRO U GOT FRAGRANCE SACHETS" in the most exaggerated american accent ever.
ill continue when i remember more my brain is stuck
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