1. Many of you have seen the video of Newt Gingrich being chastised for mentioning the role George Soros has played in enabling the chaos we're seeing play out every night in cities around America.

Let's take the dive you can't talk even about on @FoxNews, shall we?
2. From 2015-2019, George Soros spent at least $17 Million on local DA/Sheriff races across the US. Since then, he's spent $Millions more.
3. Soros funds radical leftists w/stated goals of:

-Reducing incarceration (letting criminals go)
-Cracking down on police misconduct ( #DefundThePolice)
-Revamping the bail system (Eliminating cash bail)

These are all euphemistic--as we've been able to see unfold in the media.
4. Oh yes, they also want to thwart immigration enforcement, but Soros & his minions are much less vocal about that:
5. Soros-backed candidates have "engaged in wholesale purges of law enforcement to change the culture of local law enforcement" to fit Soros's agenda.

Soros funnels money through various PACs, foundations & foundation vehicles. 2 examples listed below.
6. Throughout the riots, we've seen many of these Soros-backed District Attorneys & other officials clash w/other law enforcement officials. Let's take a look at some of them, now.
7. This is Kim Foxx, Cook County (Chicago) State's Attorney. She was Soros-backed in her 2016 election.
8. Kim Foxx received $408,000 from George Soros for her campaign. She's the one that dropped all 16 felony charges on Jussie Smollett.
9. Let's look at how successful Kim Foxx has been at implementing the "Soros Agenda":

-She's dropped 25,000 felony cases (Predecessor 18,700)
-She's dropped charges against 30% of felony defendants (predecessor 19.4%)
10. As a result of her leadership, we've seen disaster in Chicago during the riots. Personally, I've had 2 friends move away as a direct result of the unsafe conditions.

Allegedly, Foxx makes is "nearly impossible for police to file felony charges."
11. Shooting & Homicide Stats for Chicago, through today:
Week: 10 shot & killed, 45 shot & wounded, 55 total shot/11 homicides
Month: 39 S&K/172 S&W/211 TS/44 H
Year: 515 S&K/2,506 S&W/3,021 TS/564 H 
12. Even 1 of the worst mayors in the country, @LoriLightfoot, has criticized @KimFoxxforSA for lack of filing sufficient charges in the city's riots this summer. B/C offenders were released in May & June, they were back on the streets in July & August wreaking havoc on the city.
13. How are those George Soros values working out for Chicago? Are these the values we want spread all across America?

Or maybe, George Soros's values are good & Chicago/Cook County/Kim Foxx is just an anomaly?

Let's move on to another of his "Kims" to find out: Kim Gardner.
14. Here's Kim Gardner, Circuit Attorney for St. Louis as of Jan 1, 2017.
16. How's St. Louis looked under Kim Gardner's leadership? Horrid. She's had over 100% turnover rate in her office. That's worse than telemarketing companies have employing college kids!

It amounts to 470 YEARS(!) of experience LOST during her tenure.
17. @StLouisCityCA pulls dirty shenanigans:

-She was caught hiding international travel, against the law.
-She had a secret exclusion list of 28 police officers from whom her office wouldn't accept cases. She didn't tell them they were being censored.
18. How's Kim Gardner @StLouisCityCA been on the riots?

After 4 police officers were shot & David Dorn, a 77-year-old African-American retired police captain, was killed--she RELEASED every single looter & rioter arrested. 36 in all.

#BLMisBullshit #BLM
20. It gets worse: Gardner's office essentially tried to fabricate charges against Patricia McCloskey by fixing the gun they confiscated to make the crime she was charged with viable.

Rioters & Trespassers: not charged. Innocent homeowners: framed.
21. Back to travel. Kim Gardner took several trips around the country & the world, but didn't report them--as required by law.

Many were funded completely, or in part, by The Tides Foundation (a George Soros front).

She's dangerous. Wake up, St. Louis!
22. So she's a demoralizing boss & a law-breaking, dangerous prosecutor w/a tarnished public image. She's surely not a viable candidate anymore, right?

Wrong. George Soros is quite pleased w/his minion & rewarded her w/$116,000 for her primary campaign, which she won in August.
23. I now have some questions for y'all to ponder:

-Who are people actually voting for when they vote for these candidates?
-Who is/are these elected officials actually representing once in office?

Herein is a massive problem w/our voting system, which I'll address another day.
24. We've barely scratched the surface & this has been a lot of information. I'll pick it back up tomorrow. There's so much more to expose! Stay tuned & keep an eye on this thread.

Thx, everybody!

#GeorgeSorosSucks #GeorgeSorosIsEvil #BLMisBullshit
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