No, this = the overflowing of human love, the activation of human potential, the reality of human flourishing, & the only way to save & maintain our planet & species. And this guy and all who agree with him have minds too darkened to lead even their own selves. Hollow death cult.
Assuming all else checks out, such a woman should receive the equivalent of the Medal of Honor and be greatly respected by all citizens. As it is, people in 2020 will only vomit bile at this beautiful picture.
If real, this woman & her family represent heroic virtue, health, vitality, hope, and the fulfillment of most of our natural aspirations. Because this pic reflects the beauty of robust/naturally fulfilled human nature, the soul-sick will shriek at the image with frenzied hatred.
If real pic, the noble struggle of this woman & her husband to bring these children into being & raise them is worth infinitely more in itself and for their fellow citizens than all the unhappy, shriveled haters who live puritanical, petty lives driven by shallow material desire.
Environmental terrorism is indeed what what the left offers us: allowing humans to die out because of neurotic fears. We must affirm life. We want to live—we must not fear life. We must live—be fruitful and multiply. We must abolish demonic notion that it’s better if we die out.
Nature itself and the human political community exists to support families like this, not the other way around.
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