we’re gonna write a retrospective at some point, but for now my takeaway from this cycle is that there’s a lot of reason to be hopeful. https://twitter.com/nicktagliaferro/status/1306384453242155010
yeah, it fucking sucks that we’re stuck with Joe Biden, but for the second cycle in a row we knocked off a member of House leadership (and scared another one into retirement, which we didn’t do last cycle.) we took out the worst House Democrat and almost got the next-worst.
a nurse who turned to Black Lives Matter activism after the murder of Mike Brown took down a legendary St. Louis dynasty, and she’ll be the first Black woman to represent Missouri in Congress.
New Mexico’s version of the IDC got cleaned out. top legislative leaders in New York, Rhode Island, and even Joe Biden’s Delaware got sent packing by unabashedly progressive and leftist challengers. the Kennedy name was defeated by climate activists and shitposting leftist teens.
backbench legislators from all over—Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, Rhode Island, Delaware, Illinois, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Hawaii, and more—lost to challengers from all walks of life, united by one thing: they demanded better from the Democratic Party. and voters agreed.
district attorneys complicit in mass incarceration got thrown out of office by enraged voters from coast to coast, and in the heartland too. socialism established itself as a force to be reckoned with on election night, and not just in trendy coastal cities.
we lost the presidential primary. that hurt like hell. but if we keep up the fight, this won’t be Joe Biden’s party for much longer. the good we could do with a major party under our control is almost beyond imagination.
anyway, I’m wine drunk and sentimental and rambling (and this thread will probably be very embarrassing to read in the morning.)
ahem. SO.
we can do this. we are winning. it was never about any one campaign, it’s about taking over the whole fucking place.
onward, everyone.
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