how I-LAND relates to the TXT universe... [part 1: the logo🥚 // concept]
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so if you’re a MOA, you should be familiar with the concept of Magic Island...
we can all agree that the name of the show “I-LAND” relates.
- pretty obvious -
and this connection would make sense because both the BTS and GFRIEND storylines have crossed over with the magic island theme.

(common characteristics are the tree and the lake)
But, the parallels in I-LAND don’t stop there...

I also found a buuunch of other eery references in the lyrics for their songs ‼️

— but before I break down the I-LAND songs, let me give an introductory theory:
first, here are some lyrics from @TXT_members @TXT_bighit’s “Can’t We Just Leave The Monster Alive?”

“the hidden Easter egg, yeah baby I’ll find that”
when I first heard the song, I was definitely thinking it was a only figure of speech: “easter egg” as in a hidden hint

but my mouth DROPPED when I saw the I-land logo. An. actual. egg??😂
.... like?
and it’s a “HIDDEN” egg....

here’s a clip from the show that solidifies this concept, tying it to those lyrics:
perhaps this actual egg 🥚 has a double layer meaning:
maybe it’s also an easter egg - a hidden clue somehow...

also MOAS, note how the egg had an eclipse at the beginning of the clip 👀
AND: in the CWJLTMA lyrics right before - in the same line - it says:
“now ride that dragon and fly around”

which references the dragon in Magic Island and Eternally
aaaand dragons lay eggs....⁉️but that part might be a stretch lol...
in relation to the TU, that part could just mean that the dragon is a clue.

there’s no other evidence that says the dragon relates to I-LAND... yet.

the show itself described the egg concept a little bit:
—— the building design -——-

▫️three floors
^ (possibly symbolic? otherwise why would they even point it out specifically?)

▫️the egg is a GATE at the heart of I-LAND
▫️the “egg gate” is connected as a key point in all three floors
“After the gate, you’ll see the unknown place, called I-LAND that only existed in our imaginations. The gate that’s the only way to I-LAND”
I also picked up on this concept...
I-LAND’s 2 rules?

1) limited time
2) one’s own choice
“The choice they make will determine their destiny.”
This could just be rules for the show that they made sound dramatic....

...but something makes me think it will relate to their storyline after debut...
they also mentioned this, and related it to the idea of breaking out a shell as an idol.
let me know if you have a different interpretation! nothing is confirmed yet of course :)

I‘ll be shocked if the debut group doesn’t have a storyline, given how much effort they’ve put - even in the building design - to make references.

but like i said, nothing is confirmed🤡
stay tuned for PART 2! I will most likely be analyzing “Into the I-Land”

and don’t forget about the finale on Friday ;)

bts/txt/i-land irl interactions🤞
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