Candace's face is sending me..

They sent out Jami Resch, the former chief who authorized rioting police hiding their badges before she stepped down, to talk to the CRC.
She's referring to officers who carry munitions launchers as "grenadiers". A wholly official title, I'm sure.

They call the police that rush crowd, "rushers". I would have gone with "clubbers" but that's just me?

Also notes that police can still use "CS pyro" in a "riot".
Jami ran out the meeting by talking about the types of weapons the police have & doing LRAD impressions. Left no time for questions.

Yume called it an infomercial for CS gas.
Basically, PPD sabotaged the CRC meeting by switching presenters at the last minute, giving a PowerPoint presentation that no one asked for and then leaving without taking a single question.

Whoever previously suggested that I should have joined the CRC was absolutely incorrect.
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