If you take the blue states out, nobody died on 9/11. https://twitter.com/AmerIndependent/status/1306343848680054784
If you took the blue states as of 1944 out, we had almost no casualties on D-Day. https://twitter.com/SUDZZZZZZZZZZZZ/status/1306403019144212480
The point of the original tweet was definitely to figure out exactly to what extent the places hit by the 9/11 attacks can or should be considered “blue states,” good job everyone doing that.
It is with a heavy heart that I must confess: I have offended the sensibilities of people who think it’s fine for a president to deliberately mislead the nation & then downplay 100k of the 200k deaths that resulted, because those deaths occurred in states that didn’t vote for him https://twitter.com/santagata_jj/status/1306684320472600580
“He’s just putting blame on the local leaders.”

Yes, we’re aware that’s his strategy, since he bragged about it. That’s not a defense, it’s just more damning evidence.

My response to everyone making that terrible, dumb point: https://twitter.com/JuliusGoat/status/1306539195603791872
Conservative America has spent the last 19 years doing a “never forget” dance on New York City’s grave as justification for every evil thing they want to do to every group of people they hate—all of whom live in the city they loathe most, which is New York City.
MAGA assholes with NEVER FORGET bumper stickers hate NYC more than Osama Bin Ladin ever did, and they were perfectly happy to watch it suffer and die under Covid, and they can all shut the fuck up forever.
Conservatives have given me their response to this thread, and I’m ready to publish my findings.

It appears the conversion rate is: a death they want to blame somebody for is approximately 60 to 100 times more tragic than a death they do not want to blame somebody for.
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