1/ @SethAbramson's PROOF trilogy lays it all out. His sources are major media: @nytimes @latimes @washingtonpost @politico @TheAtlantic @thedailybeast @axios etc. Practically every single sentence ends with "as reported in [major media outlet]."
2/ He doesn't make stuff up. He avoids making unwarranted conclusions. He admits what he doesn't know: after "as reported by" and "as stated in an article by" the most common phrase is "the implications of [X] is unclear." His books are not conspiracy theory.
3/ The three PROOF books combined have over 10,000 major media citations. The books are a compilation and celebration of the hard work of dozens if not hundreds of dedicated journalists who deserve credit for their work and a wider audience for that work.
4/ Journalists: In these times other journalists are not your competition. The confluence of your collective work creates a rising tide that lifts all boats. You might get individual "scoops" but the PROOF books represent the consummation of all the scoops into a grand sundae.
5/ [Now I'm hungry] Be proud of your work, and take the opportunity to show how that work forms an integral part of a greater whole. Each story might be a snowball that hits its mark, but only their convergence can create an avalanche. [go ahead and mock my metaphors]
6/ Why hasn't the PROOF series gotten more traction? Why aren't journalists touting this celebration of their own work? If you're worried that touting his book will hurt the sales of your own, you're wrong. Readers hooked by one will be searching for others on the same topic.
7/ Those of you with platforms, please, use them to boost the signal of #ProofOfCollusion, #ProofOfConspiracy, and #ProofOfCorruption. If nothing else, it will boost the signal of your own good works, and aid our common goal of preserving American democracy.
8/ I believe the goal of journalism is not to break the next big story, but rather to inform the public and hold those in power accountable. Individually I see many of you doing all you can to fulfill that noble goal. What is needed beyond a commonality of purpose is cooperation.
9/ @SethAbramson hasn't held anything back for his "big book release(s)." He's been shouting this stuff from the rooftops from day one. When this is over he'll be able to say "he did everything he could." I don't know if I will be able to say that. Will you?
/END Sorry to spam all of you, but if you're on this list it's because I respect your work. I know this post will likely vanish unnoticed into Twitter oblivion, but I'm trying to do my small part.

Spread the word about #ProofOfCorruption. The journalism it showcases deserves it.
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