1) This is my Q thread for September 16, 2020

My Theme:
Be Water. Spread Fire.
3) Q began the day with a collage of images related to the Instagram account http://www.instagram.com/antwiththecuts/ 

The user has since locked their account.

FBI Portland was tagged in Q's post.
4) Q posted a screencap of messages sent by the above person, who goes by the name Banks.

I scanned their Instagram account before they locked it, and did not see this image.
I'm not sure how Q obtained it.
5) More from their Instagram account.
6) Q posted a screencap of a deleted tweet by @DAsupportPDX (an anarchist account).

Q highlighted the phrase "Be Water. Spread fire."
8) "Be water. Spread fire" is a meme used by anarchists.
9) The phrase was spraypainted on a courthouse building in Kenosha after Jacob Blake was shot.
11) https://twitter.com/kawaaiibitch/status/1298104961369280517
12) Banks posted photos on Instagram of his truck loaded with water and gas cans.
13) Sauce. https://twitter.com/HYVEE7/status/1306273521044201474
15) While the media pretend that acts of violence are random and not organized, an objective observer can see they're an organized effort to destroy our country.

Dems, anarchists and the media (but I repeat myself) are not going to stop after the election.
16) Anarchy-99 design?

99 Designs is a website where you can purchase logos and art from freelance graphic designers.

I don't think Q is suggesting 99 Designs is involved in the plot.

It may be a reference to Anarchists who serve as freelance terrorists-for-hire.
17) Q wrote: "Playbook known."

There is a battle-tested playbook used to remove elected leaders through violent protests and election fraud.

Darren Beattie explains.
18) Right on cue... Hillary is demanding social media censorship while stoking fear about election integrity. https://twitter.com/HillaryClinton/status/1306287632406786048
19) Julian's take. https://twitter.com/JuliansRum/status/1306316600056913920
20) AG Barr asked prosecutors to consider bringing federal charges against violent protesters including, if appropriate, sedition.
22) The press and social media platforms are key players in the effort to overthrow the government.
23) If it can be proven that the press and social media platforms knowingly participated in an attempt to overthrow the government, they can be prosecuted under 18 U.S. Code § 2385.

24) It took an outsider to start the peace process in the middle east because politicians make money from war.

Why isn't the press hailing the President's accomplishments?
27) https://twitter.com/BodhiCrane/status/1306242118520774656
29) Coronavirus expert Li-Meng Yan explains why she believes covid-19 is an engineered virus.
30) An anon posted a screencap of a tweet by Catherine Herridge alongside an opinion about the use of intelligence obtained through the Carter Page FISA warrants.
31) https://twitter.com/CBS_Herridge/status/1306313553616556036
32) In a newly declassified opinion, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) chose to restrict the Government's retention, use, and disclosure of information unlawfully obtained from the surveillance of Carter Page.
33) Q reposted a drop from January were he predicted that all surveillance of Donald Trump's campaign will be found to have had "insufficient predication to establish probable cause."
34) The above video featuring Defense Secretary Esper was part of a longer discussion on military readiness.
35) The entire video is helpful in understanding America's strategic perspective on warfighting domains, but Q highlighted the 1:35 mark. https://twitter.com/DeptofDefense/status/1306232167769411584
36) This video explains some of the advancements made by the U.S. military in the field of directed energy weapons—specifically high energy lasers and high powered microwaves.

Q indicated that these are deployed for use in military satellites. https://www.military.com/video/air-force-harnessing-power-directed-energy
37) Q posted a July 2019 headline about a modeling agency used by Victoria's Secret after they were accused of supplying girls to Jeffrey Epstein.

Returning to the headlines?
38) Is Prince Andrew returning to the headlines?

The photo on the left shows Andrew with a young Virginia Roberts Guiffre and Ghislaine Maxwell in the background.
40) Bill Clinton and Chaunate Davies.
42) Not all posts are for anons.

Some are for [Them]

Tick tock, Disney.
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